6 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself That Aren’t Food Related


Written by Mel Kent

December 16, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, I have noticed the familiar ‘festive spirit’ kicking in, which is a beautiful thing to see! It’s such a magical time of year and I hope you’re all enjoying it!

I know that many of you have some big health and weight loss goals to kick in 2019, and Leanne and I are excited to cheer you on every step of the way!

Leanne and I have been chatting about our own journeys recently. One thing we both identified with was the absolute need to treat yourself, not only throughout the process of losing weight, but also in your regular every day life.

Both of us had come from a background of treating ourselves with food (or rather, ‘food-like products’). The realisation that this habit would need to be replaced with new ones that would nurture our mind/body/soul instead of making us overweight and unhappy was a bit of a defining moment for the both of us.

Of course, once you do come to this realisation, the natural progression is to start pondering other alternatives to food that you can treat yourself with. So, I’ve listed below six simple ways that you can spoil yourself (as you deserve!) without negatively impacting your health!

6 Simple Non-Food Ways to Treat Yourself 

  1. Float therapy: The numerous physical and psychological benefits of float therapy are well documented. During a float therapy session you will immerse yourself in a single enclosed pod with shallow Epsom salts-infused water. The salts in the water allow you to effortlessly float, quite literally taking a weight off and allowing you to rest your body and mind. This is a relaxing and rejuvenating treat like no other and is the perfect way to treat yourself in Phase 2 and beyond!
  2. Relaxation massage: Though not suitable in Phase 2 of the Fat Loss Protocol, massage is a lovely way to treat yourself and unwind, especially in times of stress and busyness.
  3. New clothes: Whether you are op-shopping for your new wardrobe or hitting the fashion stores, a new wardrobe to flatter your new shape is the perfect treat for all your hard work! I preferred op-shopping when I was doing the Fat Loss Protocol, simply because I was going down in size so quickly. Once I reached my natural weight I went and treated myself to a brand new wardrobe.
  4. Manicure/pedicure: Whilst we suggest you avoid massage in Phase 2, a good alternative is getting yourself a manicure and/or pedicure – that little bit of pampering can go a long way to making you feel all fresh and new.
  5. Taking some time out to partake in a hobby: In this modern day and age, it is difficult to find any time for yourself at all, let alone to indulge in a hobby. We regularly prioritise all manner of other things – work, children, partners, pets, family, friends, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. All these things, while very important, can often leave us feeling frazzled and like we are pouring from an empty cup. Partaking in a hobby can really help keep your sense of ‘self’ alive (or get you reacquainted with yourself if you’ve lost touch). It might be something as simple as a small daily ritual – perhaps doing the crossword in the paper each morning; it could be art, music, reading, dancing, sport, knitting, cooking – whatever it is that makes your heart sing!
  6. Run yourself a bath: Light some candles, get some Epsom salts and lavender essential oil, and run yourself a nice warm bath. You can make it even more lush by playing some relaxing music. This is my ultimate easy escape from the world.

These are just a few ways that you can treat yourself without food, however there are countless others. Hopefully this blog has inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to spoiling yourself!

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Christmas and a sensational start to 2019!

Yours in health and happiness!

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