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June 18, 2013

One of my Healthy Living Club members posted a blog about her 9 year old daughter discovering what was really in her lollies. Children are very intuitive and with some education and guidance from their parents, they can discover so much about the foods we eat and decipher what is good and what is bad. Below is Rachel’s blog about her daughters discovery – Cyndi


I want to add this, slightly off topic, blog here today as I am 
immensely proud of my 9 year old daughter!  She & her younger sister have just come home after spending a few days with her Granny, and they have with them a box of brightly coloured lolly gobstoppers – a treat from Granny. What do I do? They have innocently chosen this ‘treat’ during a day out to the shops with Gran, but there are so many left & I can’t in all conscience allow them to eat them. 
So, not swaying her by my own thoughts, I suggested my daughter check out the ingredients, and look up the numbers in the “Additive Alert” book, by Julie Eady.  
Her reaction was far beyond what I expected, she was absolutely shocked – threw the box away saying “I’m NOT eating those!!!!”. She wanted to know WHY these colourings aren’t banned in Australia, when they’re banned in so many European countries & WHY would anyone put them in food?!
Half an hour later she presented me with this letter & wondered how she could get the message to other children. It gave us an opportunity to have a really good discussion about real food, and how companies create these products for profit only, and are not at all concerned about the effects on children. And how they specifically target these very harmful non-foods to children with their colours and bright packaging.

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