Grow your own garden- TED Video

Written by Changing Habits

November 7, 2012

When I saw this 15 minute TED video about the edible town of Todmorden in the UK I was moved to action.  Firstly I rang my local councilor to see if I could start a community garden on the spare council land in my street.  It was weeks before I got a letter to say that I needed to contact someone else, I became demotivated by the fact that I had to wait for replies.

So with having little time I decided I could have a garden in my back yard (at that stage I only had herbs), so with the help of my very good friend Bob Cameron founder of Rockcote, I set about getting my garden.  Bob arranged for his gardner to come and set up the two raised vegetable garden beds on the Friday (took him 3 hours) and then on Sunday Bob came to my house with all the plants he had purchased at the local market the day before.  Within two hours I had my edible garden.  It is close to my kitchen, close to my water tap and I walk past it every day.  I live on a small town block, so I now have a lemon tree, mandarin tree and two raised vegetable gardens brimming with greens, radishes, spring onions, capsicum, tomatoes, chilies, more herbs, such as sweet leaf, basil, rosemary, mint, oregano and parsley.    My next step is to start planting next to my fence; passionfruit, beans and snow peas.  I also purchased a compost bin that spins, so all my food scraps will fertilise my next lot of food growing.

I would love chooks but that’s where Howard is putting his foot down, he doesn’t think we have the room, but time will tell.

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long and it took this video to finally make me do it.  Thanks Pam Warhurst you are an inspiration.

Watch Pam and be inspired.

Here is a picture of my garden when it was first planted and now only 3 weeks later – thanks Bob for all your help.

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