Inca Inchi – The Amazonian Seed with Potent Nutrition

Written by Changing Habits

July 3, 2013

For 1000’s of years the inca inchi plant has grown wild in the Amazon. Local and world renowned nutritionist  and author Cyndi O’Meara discovers the hidden health benefits of the Peruvian ancient seed it produces.


The inca inchi plant grows in Amazon and produces a large seed that is extremely rich in high quality essential oils and easily digested protein as well as a plethora of vitamins and minerals.


The Peruvian government encouraged the agriculture of the inca inchi as an alternative for farmers to stop the plantations of coca, the main ingredient for cocaine.  Today the local people benefit economically from the harvest of this seed as do the millions of people around the world that have adopted this food into their diets.


My husband Howard (chiropractor) and I came across the Inca Inchi seed when  we were looking for an alternative to protein powders.  Many commercial protein powders are made from isolates, concentrates and hydrolysates of animal and plant origin, some genetically modified and non organic, there is also the addition of flavourings, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other dubious ingredients.  When I’d smell these protein powders they would assault my senses with an artificial and chemical odour, even walking into the stores selling this product was warning enough. 


My husband and I were not prepared for our athletic son, daughters and family members to be consuming foods that in our opinion were straight from a chemical laboratory.  Soy protein was of particular concern due to the high oestrogenic properties, anti-nutrients and the chance it was genetically modified.


Thus our search for something wholesome and real but high in protein.  Finding the Inca Inchi seed was a blessing.  When the oil is extracted from the Inca Inchi seed by cold press and without chemicals, a soft powder is left that is 64% digestible, low irritant, high quality amino acids (protein) with supportive nutrients to help with the absorption and utilisation of the protein.


The Changing Habits Inca Inchi Protein Powder is pure as nature provided, it has nothing added and can be used in many ways.  Protein bars are easily prepared as well as smoothies filled with nutrition to help support the growth of muscle tissue. 


The oil that is left after separation from the protein is also an amazing super food.  It contains 48% omega 3 and has 86% essential fats, these are fats that the body cannot make but must be consumed in order to make DHA, EPA, GLA and many other important functioning fats.  We had been looking for a better alternative to fish oil as we were upset with the ethics of much of the supplements that were on the market. 


To produce one litre of fish oil, five kilograms of fish is required, this was upsetting enough but when I found that many supplement companies were adding soy oil and synthetic fat soluble vitamins to the mix thats when we went looking for an alternative.


We love the fact that the Inca Inchi seed filled two requirements.  On the one hand a perfect substitute for the additive laced protein powders and on the other hand   a plant based, ethical, sustainable omega 3.


Changing Habits brings to your table these super foods that can help build muscle, repair injuries and nourish a body for more health and energy. 


Here are some recipes to inspire you even further to use these amazing health products using both the Inca Inchi Oil and the Inca Inchi Powder.



Inca Inchi Protein Balls





Omega and Protein Smack Smoothy


Inca Inchi Protein Bars topped with Cacao

Inca Inchi Protein Bar-1

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