Keep in Symphony, Keep in Tune

Written by Changing Habits

December 16, 2014

Here at Changing Habits, we are very fortunate to have a wonderful team culture and a strong, innovative leadership team.

During a random sleepless night recently, our Managing Director Howard O’Meara put pen to paper and wrote an insightful message on the importance of both personal and professional leadership, together with ‘keeping in symphony, keeping in tune’, whether it be at work, home or elsewhere.

Take a moment to read Howard’s leadership insights below…

We are living in times of great change – economic, social, technology and environmental. Everyone I meet seems to be stressed by the changes around them and the challenges regarding business.

The solution that I see to this is “leadership”. The way I see to avoid getting ‘eaten’ by society, technology and work is to strengthen the capacity of everyone at every level, to lead in everything they do!

It’s not an excuse for anyone in any role to have the excuse to say ‘you don’t have a high ranking’ so you don’t need to take ownership for the results of the organisation.

To succeed, everyone must see themselves as part of the leadership team. You don’t need a formal authority – only a desire to be involved and a commitment to making a positive difference!

Mother Theresa once said, “If everyone would sweep their own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.”

For each of us to show leadership, we need to start by being truly excellent in our current role.

A symphony = if one of its players was out of tune, then the music would be off and the whole thing would become a mess. Meaning: No role is a small role.

The Changing Habits model is all about creating an environment and a culture where everyone leads.

Everyone needs to drive innovation, inspire their teammates, embrace change, to take responsibility for results, to be positive and to become devoted to expressing their absolute best in everything they do. Whether it be at work, home or wherever…. Keep in symphony, keep in tune!

I am not saying that an organisation shouldn’t have titles: we need people on the executive team setting the vision, steering the boat and holding ultimate responsibility for results. Titles and structures maintain order and keep things running smoothly.

What I am saying is that for each one of us to survive, not only in the business world but in our personal world, we all need to lead where we are planted and shine where we find ourselves.

Every job is an important job. The more you step up to the plate in your world, the bigger your world will become. You have total control of how you show up in your current role: and when we all choose peak performance and personal leadership – everyone benefits! 

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