Cinnamon Cake (gluten free) v’s Cyndi’s famous Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Changing Habits

December 23, 2014

Tradition in my family around Christmas does not stray far from the hard line my Mother took over the whole process.  But due to our knowledge of food, what has been done to it and the amount of issues people now have with wheat and gluten in particular, I’ve had to change one very important tradition.

Christmas breakfast was always scrambled eggs with cinnamon rolls (recipe in my original Changing Habits Changing Lives Cookbook).

With the hard line I have taken about wheat in our house, not only for health but for ethical reasons, I’ve thrown away that tradition much to the dismay of family and friends that gathered for this amazing feast on Christmas morning.

Myself and my good friend Jacki, who I’ve known since I was 14, have swapped many recipes over the decades and the other day she came around with this amazing cake that tasted not unlike cinnamon rolls.

I didn’t especially like some of the ingredients that were in the original Cinnamon Coffee Cake so I just adjusted them then tried it on family and friends and yes, the Cinnamon Cake is a hit! (click here for recipe)

In my Cookbook I talk about how if I was making cinnamon rolls, Natalie Cook (gold medalist in Beach Volley Ball at the 2000 Sydney Olympics) would know that by the time I had started, she could get in her car and be at my place within the two hours and be able to watch them coming out of my oven hot and steamy, and ready to eat.  There would always be a fight between her and my son as to who got the last one.

So I figured that my test to make sure that this gluten free Cinnamon Cake came up to the standard of the cinnamon rolls, I knew I had to test it on Natalie.

Natalie and her partner Sarah were around last Sunday and I greeted Natalie with a cup of tea and the Cinnamon Cake.  I swear I was waiting for her to give me the thumbs up for the longest of time.  And this was her summation…. she told me that going to the Olympics was like eating the Cinnamon Cake, but going to the Olympics and winning gold was like eating the Cinnamon rolls.

If you must be gluten free then the Cinnamon Cake is a winner – at least it’s like going to the Olympics. However, if you don’t have to be gluten free and you want to try my Cinnamon Rolls with the einkorn flour (ethical non hybridized) then my famous Cinnamon Rolls are like going to the Olympics and winning gold.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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