Organic Wines Can Be Beneficial

Written by Changing Habits

June 2, 2010

The benefits of drinking wine in moderation are well known, from lowering the risk of heart disease to preventing cancer, but did you know it’s the way the wine is produced that makes all the difference to our health?

Think green! That’s right; the new buzz word on the lips of wine aficionados is “organic”.

It makes sense too; organic foods and consumer products are becoming one of the fastest growing markets in the world so why should wine be the exception?
Laura Adams a medical researcher is behind this successful importing venture. Laura has been involved in intensive care and cardiac research, mortality and morbidity studies throughout Australia and New Zealand.
So what exactly is the difference between conventional and organic wines? The secret lies in the treatment of the grapes.

Harvested without the use of chemical fertilisers, the emphasis on the organic farming of grapes is on maintaining a healthy biologically-active soil. In the vineyard it means cultivating the soil and using cover crops instead of herbicides and natural fertilisers like manure instead of artificial ones. The methods used date back to centuries ago.
It’s not surprising there is evidence to suggest that the absence of chemicals in organic wine reduces the dreaded headaches that are often associated with drinking conventional wines. And it goes without saying the fewer chemicals we ingest the better for our health in general.

Australian wine lovers are in for a real treat thanks to the much anticipated launch of a new range of organic, sugarless wines from Vinos de la Cruz, available now for the Australian market Produced in Uruguay, it is the first country in Latin America which has produced a certified organic, sugarless wine suitable for cancer prevention and diabetics.
The Ecologico range of wines from Vinos de la Cruz have even further benefits. Because the yeast of the grapes at the vineyard are in excellent health, when fermented, 100 per cent of the sugar is absorbed, making it a much better choice for patients recovering from cancer, for diabetics and those who are counting calories.

An eighteenth century winery, Vinos de la Cruz is the most ancient of its kind in Uruguay. The wine is fermented in Nancy Oak barrels imported from France. The key of the process at Vinos de la Cruz is in the chicken manure. Very rich in phosphorous and nitrogen, it’s mixed with cattle manure and vegetable remains. Spread over 27 hectares of vineyard, 20,000kgs of this organic matter greatly improves the quality of the soil.
“There is nothing out there on the market that has an 11% alcohol content, which gives an antioxidant effect, helps to reduce blood pressure but is free of preservatives and sugar,” says Laura.

“In this day and age people want to stay healthier, live longer and enjoy quality of lifestyle. That’s what makes the Vinos the De la Cruz wine range a bit of an enigma.”
The Vinos de la Cruz range of wines includes: Malbec, Pinot noir, Muscat d’hamburg, Cabernet sauvignon and merlot. The winery has also launched the world’s first sugar free sparkling wine, which is available in Australia and New Zealand as part of the Vinos de la Cruz range.
 For a full list of the wines available and details on the Vinos de la Cruz range go to: or contact Laura Adams on 0412 846 482.

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