Plant based bottle development for new water brand.

Written by Changing Habits

March 4, 2010

– It is wonderful to see how inventive humans can be when the need arises.


US company Green Planet Bottling has launched a new entry to the $11 billion bottled water market, packaged in an organic, plant-based bottle.

Unlike the dominant plastic bottles containing petroleum and BPA, Green Planet bottles are made from 100 per cent plants that are toxin-free and carbon neutral. They do not leach chemicals into contents, are reusable, completely recyclable and compostable in just 80 days.

The water itself is vapor-distilled for purity and taste and when possible sourced within 800kms of its destination to cut transport distances.

Green Planet Bottling was founded by Bradford Schulman, whose previous specialty beverage business transformed Mighty Leaf Tea and Intelligentsia Coffee into well-known national brands.

“We’re increasingly hearing about the dangers of petroleum-based bottles, and Green Planet is leading the industry in responding with our 100 per cent plant-based compostable and recyclable bottle,” says Schulman.

Currently, Green Planet is being distributed in 18 markets throughout the US, targeting schools at all levels, corporate campuses and hotels.


Source: Onfood, 3 March 2010,

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