Sweet Future for Sugar Sales

Written by Changing Habits

March 25, 2010

Sugar consumption is on the rise in developed countries.  Now I wouldn’t have a problem with this consumption increase if the sugar were rapadura or sucanat, but what is disturbing is consumers tend to prefer the alternative sweeteners that are perceived healthier such as corn syrup containing high-fructose and other alternative sweeteners that are available in the market.    It is all about perception. 


Cyndi O’Meara


Sweet future for sugar sales


Global sugar consumption will reach a whopping 177 million metric tonnes by 2015, according to a new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.


This is primarily driven by factors such as growing household incomes among middle class populations developing countries and growing prices of alternative sweeteners and corn syrup containing high-fructose that are available in the market.
The global sugar consumption pattern shows that there is a fall in sugar consumption level in developed nations, while an increasing trend is witnessed among the developing countries.


The trend confirms the fact that with increasing levels of income and awareness, consumers tend to prefer alternative foodstuffs that are perceived healthier.


Source: Food Week Online 25 March 2010, http://www.foodweek.com.au/main-features-page.aspx?ID=6874

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