The Power of your Food Choices

Written by Changing Habits

July 21, 2010

I was reading a business website when I first read about The Law of Precession.

I had been directed to learn more about this law by my business coach. It stated that when an object is moving towards another body (because of gravity or because it is simply attracted to it), then always at a 90 degree right angle to the line of attraction – there is an equal if not greater result that is being generated.

A good example of this is the humble bee. A bee is moving towards a flower in order to collect nectar, that is what it is attracted to but at 90 degree or so angle to it, the bee collects pollen on its legs then goes to the next flower and drops the pollen. So the bee is attracted to the nectar but what is happening as a result of that attraction is that it propagates all the plants in the world so that we can have beauty, shade and food.

The same principle can be associated with our food choices. When we choose food that we are attracted to that is organic, local and nature based such as; fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, dairy, cacao, herbs and spices, then anything we make with these basic foods and its affect is one of the most powerful things I know.

When we choose meat that has been organically farmed, roaming rather than being fed large amounts, then we affect animal husbandry on a global scale. We say no to crowded farm lots, antibiotics and animals being treated badly.

When we choose organic free range chickens and their eggs then we say no to the cruelty bestowed on many chickens living in crowded cages, on scheduled night and days, removal of beaks and any other inhumane chicken husbandry that now occurs.

When we choose fruits and vegetables that have been bio dynamically or organically grown in our local area then we not only affect our lands, but our water ways and carbon miles as well. Since WWII many chemicals have been sprayed on lands around the world which have not only affected the food we eat and our health, but also the land it is sprayed on. Not to mention the lands ability to grow nutritious foods which in turn pollutes our fresh and salt waterways and anything that is in it.

When we choose local foods then we reduce food miles which in turn reduces carbon emissions.

When we decide to grow a planter box full of herbs then we say no to food miles, carbon emissions and spraying of chemicals on mass amounts of land.

When you choose to buy foods that have no packaging or very little then you reduce the amount of waste dumps around the world and reduce the destruction of precious resources such as trees. You also reduce the amount of plastic that may end up in the ocean and in many majestic water ways and mammals.

The power of our food choices go far beyond your health, it not only helps you but it helps this planet and I believe that if everyone got this concept then we may think twice when we reach for a food that may satisfy our emotional needs but ultimately devastate our planet and the body we live in.

I believe that we all have an amazing power when we make healthy food choices, not only do we help our own health but the planets as well.

Happy Changing Habits

Cyndi O’Meara

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