Why We Should ‘Say No To Mercury’


Written by Cyndi

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June 22, 2018

At 23, my daughter Casie was a healthy young woman – she could eat anything, had boundless energy and not an inkling of anxiety or depression. 

However, that changed soon after she had her wisdom teeth extracted. She became anxious, more and more intolerant to many foods, had a bloated tummy, chronic fatigue and suffered social isolation. 

After consulting with my wonderful integrative doctor, Carlos Sanchez, he invited me to his home (on 50 acres of pure bliss) for lunch. He eluded that Casie may have cavitations (infection in the jawbone) which would cause these symptoms. For a full history of what happened to Casie, read this blog.

To cut a long story short, we found an amazing dentist in Melbourne, Dr Lisa Matriste, who was able to fix the four cavitations that had become evident. With help from Kultured Wellness and Dr Lisa, not to mention her own unwavering determination to stick to the program set out for her, my daughter has turned her health around.

‘Say No To Mercury’

Little did I know that Dr Lisa had a passion that went beyond her scope of dentistry. Lisa and her son Alistair have formed an organisation – Say No To Mercury. Their first and most important task is to educate people about mercury, a relatively invisible toxin, and how it affects the environment and human health. Dr Lisa has set up a strict protocol for the removal of mercury from teeth.

Not only are they concerned about mercury fillings, which are still being put in people’s mouths under the name ‘amalgam’, but also environmental mercury as well.  You can see the website at www.saynotomercury.com. To read more about how mercury affects our health, click here

I would call Dr Lisa the Australian version of US environmental attorney and activist Robert F Kennedy Jr (see his organisation’s website at www.worldmercuryproject.org).

Dr Lisa and her son Alistair are your advocates to the government for safety. The following are their goals:

  1. Ratify The Minimata Convention (a global treaty to protect people’s health and the environment from the effects of mercury)
  2. Ban Dental Amalgam By 2020
  3. Ban Sale Of Recycled Mercury

Visit the website to see how you can help. They don’t necessarily want your money, but your time, encouraging you to contact your local council and ministers detailing the concerns you have about mercury.

We are fortunate that we have many people in this country who are passionate about the land, animals, our purity of water, as well as health for all, and who act selflessly to make a difference. Collectively we can all help in this campaign. Take the time to create an action plan to help Dr Lisa and Alistair make a difference. 

Thank you for making a stand.



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