Cleansing Before Colonoscopy, How Safe Is It?

Written by Changing Habits

May 20, 2010

What really goes into the preparation to cleanse our bowels before a
colonoscopy. This was recently brought to my attention by a friend of

Cyndi: A very good friend Trish sent me this snippet of information.

Trish: “Wasn’t sure if you were aware but I had no idea Aspartame
is used in PicoPrep (for cleansing before a colonscopy and other bowel
surgeries). I had not looked at the ingredients before”! Ingredients of
PicoPrep 10mg Sodium Picosulfate 3.5mg Magnesium Oxide 12mg Citric Acid
(anhydrous) 36mg Aspartame

(for more information on the dangers of this sweetener see Changing Habits Changing LIves, plus the soft drink report)

Trish: So, I told doc for my next routine colonoscopy I will use Epson Salts & Lemon Juice!

Cyndi: I looked at the diet that you must have the day before as
well and was appalled to see that the fluid list contained fluids with
artificial sweeteners.

CLEAR FLUIDS ONLY all day. Approved clear fluids:
Apple or pear juice – may have additives 
Plain jelly – colour, artificial sweeteners if diet
Black tea or coffees Bonox – (msg, flavours, additives)s
Lucozade (benzoates and high fructose corn syrup)s
Gatorade (colours and artificial sweeteners)s
Staminade (colours and artificial sweeteners)s
Carbonated drinks – colours, phosphates, benzoates, artificial sweeteners
Barley sugar drinks
Clear broths
Lime or lemon cordial – may have artificial sweeteners
Do not eat jelly or drink fluids with red, green or purple colouring
Drink at least 3 litres of approved clear fluids plus the preparation liquids

– I don’t understand this type of thinking. Surely there are more healthier options for cleaning out the bowel pre-op.

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