Cyndi’s tips for healthy snacking

Written by Changing Habits

October 7, 2009

You need to plan ahead for some of these recipes so you have the right ingredients in your house.

Check out your local farmer’s market or fruit shop for fruits in season. Often you can pick up second-grade fruits eg. Strawberries and ripe bananas.

Take them home, wash, peel and freeze them for smoothies, slushies, ice blocks and dehydrated fruit roll-ups.

Buy extra wholesome wholegrain bread, buns, lavash, or pocket break and freeze them so you don’t run out.

If it’s suitable for freezing, when making one of your favourite healthy recipes make a double batch and freeze some for later.

Do the same with any dips so you have extra on hand. They can be a lifesaver for unexpected visitors.

Have chopped veggie sticks conveniently prepared for hungry children looking for a snack. Make sure they are in sight…I wrap them in a wet tea towel and keep them in the crisper.

Leave platters or bowls of chopped up fruit and vegies in the fridge so it’s easy for you and the kids to grab. This will build healthy habits for both you and the kids. Food can be fun, like melon balls or fruit kebabs.

Mixed nuts, trail mix and dried fruit are good snacks; have them in a jar for easy access for those who want to munch on. Be careful when buying nuts and fruits to check they don’t have any extra additives like vegetable oils, sugar or BHA and BHT.

Parents: limit the supply of unsuitable foods in the house. You really have no excuse – remember you are in charge of the shopping and what goes into the trolley.

Buy special water bottles for your children; encourage them to drink more pure water.

Some good investments to make snack time more enjoyable would be to purchase a popcorn maker, blender, juicing machine and dehydrator or check out the new amazing mini kitchen Thermomix which can make a sorbet in a minute, custard in 7 minutes and much more.

When preparing food try to make sure colours are appealing and look great together, along with being healthy, e.g. strawberries, pineapple and kiwifruit kebab and get the kids involved. 

It is important to have at least 15 minutes of sunshine each day. Just make sure it’s not in the middle of the day as we don’t want to get burnt. Sunshine without sunscreen and sunglasses is important to increase the amount of Vitamin D, but fats in the diet are also important in this process and they must be fats from nature and not a chemical laboratory.

When making homemade chocolate milk shake or hot chocolate make it with Changing Habits Cacao melts, rapadura sugar and real milk or nut/ seed milks, try not to use prepared chocolate mixes and sauces.

Fruit platters with dips are a great special treat.

Frozen grapes are a winner, especially in the summer time.

Vege wedges with sour cream and homemade sweet chilli sauce, BBQ or tomato sauce is another easy one.

Cut vegetables and homemade dips.

Mini-quiches full of vegetables. 

Little bliss balls made out of nuts/ seeds, coconut and dates. 

Chopped apple and pear pieces with cinnamon and nut or seed butter. 

Homemade pizza’s is always popular.

More information on Cyndi ‘s website

Source: Changing Habits Changing Lives Cook Book by Cyndi O’Meara and Snack it Out by Donalee Halkett






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