Genetics Vs. Environment

Written by Changing Habits

June 6, 2012

It has been an interesting 10 days on “changing habits” facebook.  I’ve posed questions about certain pictures I posted.  The questions were about whether the cause of death or deformity in animals and humans was genetic or environment.


You can go back and look at the answers to all the questions and there is a distinct division between what we believe causes death, cancer and deformity in animals as opposed to humans.  In the animal population the majority of the answers to the Tasmanian devil with cancer, the two headed fish larvae, the fish kill in california, the bird kills around the world and the infertility of the polar bear was a definitive “environment was the cause”.  But when I showed, haemophilia, co joined twins (siamese) and down syndrome with some other questions on cancer, diabetes and thyroid disease there was a divided answer between genetics and environment.  Most said that it was definitely genetics other said that the environment affected the genes.

Before I move on I want to give you a back ground on the human questions.  I have a friend who at the age of 25 had her first child with down syndrome, she worked as a chemist in a laboratory.  After the birth of her first child she stopped working in the laboratory and the rest of her children were without down syndrome.  Can we prove it was the chemicals in the laboratory – no!  The family of 11 children with 6 boys having haemophilia was my mothers family, they lived in Iowa amongst the corn fields which were heavily sprayed with chemicals, there was no sign of haemophilia before that generation, can we prove that the chemicals caused the gene mutation for haemophilia – no!  I don’t know the history of Abby and Brittany but I sure would like to know if their Mum had lived or been subjected to some chemical that changed the correct separation of the twin girls.

We have two standards; one for animals and one for humans, but when you think about it, we live on this planet just like animals, and we have for the most part the same cell structure and similar bodily systems.  Therefore why are our beliefs different for animals and humans.

When you go to your doctor they usually want to know your family history for diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer etc.  But we never seek the family history of the animals that become sick, infertile or mass death or distinction.  We know that it is the environment – there is no question!

What we believe and how we see the world dictates our actions.

Modern medicine and science have become the gene hunters.  They are looking for genes to blame on cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many other ailments.  And every week there is a new gene that is discovered to prove the theory that disease and deformity is a result of genetics.

With this belief strongly in place, then you may hear your doctor say if you ask them a question about diet, that the disease you have has nothing to do with your diet.  They rarely ask about diet and chemicals you use in your home, your lifestyle, your non prescription drug taking, what you put on your skin, what you spray under your arms and so on.   Rather they may give you a prescription for medication, or suggest a surgery or radiation depending on the disease.

The modern allopathic belief is that the human body is imperfect and that all babies must be given Konakian at birth because the belief is that a mistake was made and there is not enough vitamin K in a new born. We are vaccinated because our immune systems are weak and they need help.  We are given antibiotics because of compromised immune systems that supposedly don’t work.  Panadol is given for high temperature because the body doesn’t know how to monitor the heat and the brain may fry.  Bonjello is given  to infants for teething because we don’t have enough pain killers to cope with a normal pain of tooth eruption.  As we get older our cholesterol is too high so we’re given statins to pull it down, you have hypertension there is another drug.  This is a consistent practice in  the health (sickness) system today.

Basically the system tells us today that you have bad genes and bad luck and no matter what you do to your environment and diet, you aren’t going to change the outcome unless you take medication, have surgery or radiation.

Guess what?  Their belief makes what they do perfectly logical.

What is interesting is that we cannot predict the health outcome of identical twins, and adopted children usually also adopt the health problems of their adopted parents.  Therefore what if that belief system is wrong and that it is not our genes that are the problem but rather the environment (internal and external).   If we remove the chemicals as much as we can from our home environment and eat foods that are as clean and as nutritious as we can then perhaps we can change the outcome of our health rather then using drugs, surgery and radiation.  After all if we believe it is the environment that deforms, maims or kills then it is perfectly logical to change your environment and a better result will be the outcome.

When we clean up the environment for animals they begin to thrive.  If we clean up our own environment then we will thrive and in turn by not using dangerous chemicals in our homes that are then washed into our water supply, then perhaps we can even keep the environment clean for land animals and water creatures.

How to clean your environment:

Create a house void of chemicals find alternatives to your daily cleaners, washing powders and liquids, room spays and general cleaning products.

Take note of what you put on your skin (personal care, skin care and makeup), make sure it is made from nature and not a chemical laboratory.

Take note of your shampoo, conditioners, hair care products and soaps and go as natural as you can with these products.

Mattresses, furniture, carpets all have chemicals sprayed on them, if you are buying new furnishings seek out ones without chemicals.

Cooking pots and utensils should be products that do not leach chemicals when heated.

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