Inca Inchi Salted Seeds… why we are so excited!

Written by Sheridan

June 7, 2016

I am privileged to say that I was the lucky one. Yes, the lucky one because I got to purchase the first packet of Inca Inchi Salted Seeds in the whole of the Changing Habits community and staff. YES! I admit, I am in love. I parted with peanuts many years ago, when I learnt that they are actually a legume and can be full of toxic mould and therefore contribute to my already imbalanced gut when I was undergoing my healing journey. This left a hole in my heart, because let’s face it; peanuts can be heaven to our tastebuds. Inca Inchi Salted Seeds (plukenetia volubilis L.) are much like a peanut, and are in fact sometimes referred to as the ‘Inca peanut’, and therefore have nuzzled their way into my heart and agree with my digestive system perfectly.

Changing Habits is unbelievably excited to have these in amongst our growing pantry and we all already have a packet sitting in each of our desk drawers as the perfect snack. Many individuals have imbedded the sweet snack habit; though who decided that snacks had to be sweet? I am not one to advocate sweet snacks as they will only cause blood sugar highs, energy crashes, cravings, digestive issues and so on. Sweet snacks should be had only on occasion, not as an everyday occurrence. This is why I am so excited to have an easy snack option for my clients.

This little seed has more potential than you realise:

  • Due to their nutrient content, a little goes a long way. You become very satisfied very quickly due to its rich content of the two most satiating nutrients, fat and protein.
  • They are very high in omega 3, 6 and 9 which will allow you to metabolise your own DHA, EPA & GLA
  • It contains more than 30% omega 3 fatty acids, making it’s content far greater than chia, flax and hemp seeds, creating an essential food for vegans to replenish their essential fatty acids
  • Is classified as a complete protein, containing 30% protein in the whole seed
  • It’s protein content is far greater than chia and flax, and very close to hemp seeds
  • High in vitamin A and E
  • With more and more people becoming intolerant to nuts, the Inca Inchi seed is a fantastic replacement and easily digestible with the nutrients being highly absorbed
  • The seeds are organic, sustainable, minimally processed and pure.

What to do with them:

  • Eat them on their own as a delicious snack
  • Crush with the back of a spoon or side of a knife and sprinkle on soups and salads
  • Add to raw slices! Sprinkle over the top for an extra bit of crunch.
  • Coat in pure or sweetened Changing Habits Cacao Melts as a treat – Inca Inchi Choc bites
  • Use in place of pine nuts in pesto
  • Take them camping, on planes, hikes and so on for a sustaining and beyond nourishing snack
  • Include them in your trail mix with other nuts, seeds and preservative free dried fruit
  • Sprinkle over your breakfast granola or pure yogurt and fruit.

Jordan Pie

I hope you now understand why I am so excited, and I really hope you are too! Let us know what you use them for and when they save you in situations where food is scarce and leave you feeling totally nourished.

Happy healthy snacking.

Sheridan Williamson
Changing Habits Nutritionist 

June 2016

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