Interval exercise Vs. exercise

Written by Changing Habits

February 28, 2010

Interval exercise is good but so is incidental.  Incidental exercise is when you walk the stairs rather then take the elevator, park your car at the back of the car park and walk to the mall, walk to the corner store rather then drive, vacuum with vigour rather then boredom, run up the stairs rather then plod and so on.  Enjoy your incidental exercise today.

Exercise hours can be cut by interval training

If you think that there is no time for working out then better think of some other excuse.


Olympic athletes have designed work out sessions called interval training that are spanned for less than an hour and help you work out enough for a week.


These sessions are followed by a resting time of three minutes and a set is of four minutes each.


An expert Helgerud says that if this session is followed then the time people spend in the gym could be slashed dramatically. According to him officials are not recommending intense training to people following fears that it would be too much for some people.


He said that, “I’m much more afraid of people not exercising at all. Inactivity is what’s killing us.”


Researchers said that comparing the training session to normal exercise routine, like jogging, it was proved that interval training can double their endurance, improve their oxygen use and strength by more than 10 per cent and their speed by at least 5 per cent. The session was found effective for the elderly also as better oxygen supply was found in heart patients.

Source: Sudarshan Tandon in Top News, 28 February 2010,

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