Media Release- Pies, Bacon, Eggs and Chips

Written by Changing Habits

July 22, 2009

Cyndi O’Meara, Nutritionist, Author and International Speaker says Bacon and Eggs and Pies are good for us.

If you love to indulge in the Aussie favourites of meat pies and hot chips but feel bad about it – well feel guilty no more.

It may actually be better for your health.
Well known Sunshine Coast nutritionist and author Cyndi O’Meara, who spoke at an Autism and Allergy Conference on the Coast yesterday, is a firm believer in getting back to what she calls “real food”.

And she has blasted the diet and food industry as a major contributor to the obesity epidemic, saying bacon and eggs, pies and chip would be better for us than fad diet foods.

“The food we ate 30 years ago is nothing like what we eat today,” Ms O’Meara said.

She believes that food like pies and lamingtons that our parent’s generation ate were better for our health as they were made from real, natural ingredients.

There was very little obesity and fewer food allergies during that era, she said.

The meat pie that Ms O’Meara is eating contains real meat and no added chemical flavours and colours.

“Once upon a time (meat pies) were made with real food and flavours,” she said.

Most modern meat pies only contain 1% meat and are full of fillers and artificial flavours, she said.
Even in the ‘70s and ‘80s most food was made with few ingredients and lasted just a few days, while modern foods can last for weeks and can contain up to 90 ingredients many of them made in labs.

Ms O’Meara said this is typical of modern food bears little resemblance to the same food item of years ago.

During her many years of studying nutrition Ms O’Meara realised that what nature has given us is better than what science can give.

In 30 years of science altering the food we eat she believes people are less healthy.

“People are put on low fat food, diet drinks and supplements… people are fatter, sicker and worse off now then when they did eat lard and butter.”

She said she keeps waiting for scientists to say “we’ve made a mistake – food grown on the land is better than food made in a lab”.

Ms O’Meara believes that diet drinks and food containing artificial sweetener or low in fat and nutrition create cravings for more food.

The additives and flavourings in some diet foods and drinks increase the bodies need for fat and low fat foods can cause overeating are some of the issues she has with diet foods.

Ms O’Meara, who is 48, said has never taken antibiotics and lives on real foods including butter and chocolate.
“I don’t get sick or get colds and flus,” she said.

She has raised her own children as she was raised – drug free and with natural, real foods.

Ms O’Meara joined leading experts Dr Rosemary Keating, a paediatric chiropractor, Dr Dzung Price, author of Your Allergy Free Child, Meryl Dorey, editor of Living Wisdom magazine to discuss the rising incidences of autism and allergy on the coast.

“It’s all about creating healthy children,” Ms O’Meara said.

She said it is all about education and the message she is getting from conferences is that people want to know this information.

“Its about the changes people need to make for themselves and their kids and for the environment.”

“If I can just get them to eat real food – I’m happy,” she said.

They conference looked at all aspects of children’s lives: physical, chemical and emotional.

The conference at The Phoenix Centrum in Buderim aimed to expand the knowledge about treatment, prevention and care of those suffering allergies and autism.

“We want to teach parents, teachers and professionals that their children can be healthy,” she said

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