Nutrition Panels are a waste of time.

Written by Changing Habits

June 15, 2010

I’ve always said that nutrition panel on a food product is a waste of time, but not because they are complicated but rather that they don’t tell you if the food is real.  Read your ingredients and find out if the food is REAL not a bunch of chemicals.

Nutrition labels on food packets are a waste of time because most of us are not clever enough to understand the maths or too pressured for time to take it all in, a new study shows.
And current labelling does nothing to counter the obesity epidemic, say the researchers, from Massey and Otago universities.
Janet Hoek, of Otago University’s department of marketing, says the findings should worry health advocates who consistently emphasise individual responsibility.
Food labelling varied greatly and simply confused consumers.


The figures on the recommended percentage of daily intake required “a level of attention that was incompatible with consumers’ normal shopping behaviour” and required mathematical skills most shoppers did not possess.


Harassed parents especially wanted to be in and out of shops quickly.

Source FOODweek Online > Main Features Page Tues 8th June 2010 By Susan Pepperell of The Sunday Star Times

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