Opportunity Knocks Many Times – When Will You Answer?


Written by Cyndi

Cyndi is about educating. Her greatest love is to teach, both in the public arena and within the large corporate food companies, to enable everyone to make better choices so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their lives. Considered one of the world's foremost experts in Nutrition, Cyndi brings over 40 years experience, research and knowledge.

May 11, 2021

Throughout my life I’ve been given many opportunities to change the direction of my life, some I’ve taken and others I’ve left behind.

At Changing Habits, we give many opportunities to people to change the direction not only of their health, but their life.

Take the two wonderful coaches in The Fat Loss Protocol.  I’ve watched their health and that of their families change for the better, and then of course their lives have changed in many ways from the beginning of that journey. I also see people in our private Facebook group who have been there from conception, one in particular shedding 80kg and changing her life for ever. These are just some of the many inspiring change agents in that group.

But there are also those that do The Fat Loss Protocol who continue yo-yo dieting, putting weight on and then taking it off again – many have done this their whole life.

What’s the difference that makes the difference? Perhaps it has to do with recognising a wonderful opportunity and running with it knowing it will be life changing. Perhaps it’s about understanding that what you’ve done in the past has equated to where you found yourself needing to find a solution to a health or weight problem. It’s delusional to do the FLP, go back to your old ways and think that you are going to maintain the weight and health surge you feel when on The Fat Loss Protocol.

I did not create The Fat Loss Protocol to see people continue to yo-yo their weight and health, I created it because I saw it as an opportunity to create a ripple effect of health and wellbeing in people, families and communities. I created it to begin people on a journey of health and change. I created it to help people find health and vitality and to educate them to continue to make changes, not only for their own health but for that of their family. Once we know better, we can do better, and this is a bequest for anyone who chooses to come with me on this journey.

If you’ve done many diets and not changed, how do you know that this one will be the one?

My first book was called Changing Habits Changing Lives. I wrote it back in 1998. It was about tiny habits to change in your daily eating routine, all the way from your breakfast to the salt you were eating. Week by week, you would read a chapter and do the action steps. You would keep that habit up and then the next week build on the first habit change with the second habit change and so on, until you had completed all the habit changes and all the action steps in the book.

If done over a year, the results were spectacular. Not only would your pantry and fridge look entirely different, but your health would be transformed, your energy improved and more often than not, so would your life.

What I didn’t know then but I know now, is that as we make these habit changes, not only are we physically changing, but the synapses in the brain begin to change as each new habit is created and maintained. The book The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, showed the science of how brain synapses that were fixed for one habit, break and create new synapses for the new habits, thus making the changes subconscious and habitual.

When you start The Fat Loss Protocol, you change everything at once – your brain synapses don’t have a chance to change in the short time you are on the program. But what The Fat Loss Protocol does, is to show you how good you can feel, how much energy you can have and how you can change your life by changing what you eat. We take you out of your eating comfort zone, which is where growth begins. If we never take ourselves out of our comfort zone then we will never know what we are capable of doing and being.

What happens after The Fat Loss Protocol is just as important as what happens during the protocol. Changing Habits has all the tools to help you continue on your journey to make the new habits you have started in The Fat Loss Protocol become ingrained in your life.

We do this through education. You can read my new book Lab to Table and go through your pantry and fridge and do the action steps to make sure you have the right ingredients in there for your health. We also have the Healthy Keto Way program, which can help transition you from The Fat Loss Protocol to maintaining those changes. This can, in turn, help change the synapses of the brain to create habits that do not sabotage but rather empower you in your food choices and health.

There are many reasons why someone comes into The Fat Loss Protocol: a wedding, a health crisis, a weight goal, the list is endless. Knowing your ‘Why’ and being propelled by that why is powerful. It enables you to do the work and change your habits to then maintain what is needed in order to be the best and healthiest version you can be.

I’m often asked what I’m training for because I’m meticulous about the foods I eat and I have a morning exercise routine. These are my non negotiables. My answer is always the same, I’m training for life. I’m training so that when I’m asked to hike a mountain, go on a multi-day hike with everything on my back, or go skiing for the day, I’m ready and I have no excuses – my body and mind are primed for the activity. I’m also ready for any crisis that may come along. Having a healthy mind and body creates resilience for when it’s needed.

April this year, I went on a six-day hike through Carnarvon Gorge. Everything is on your back, there is no phone range and no 5-star facilities. There are of course millions of different kinds of star facilities, watching the skies after sipping on a hot cup of tea and eating a healthy meal that you have carried on your back for the last 17km up and down dale. I didn’t train for this 100km hike, I just did my regular morning active routine. I’m 61 this year and I carried 20kg on my back, and my body was incredibly agile and fit for the occasion. It’s consistency with what you do that will enable you to be ready for anything. Consistency in what you eat and your habitual routines for movement.

If you’ve not done The Fat Loss Protocol and you’ve been thinking about it, or you have done The Fat Loss Protocol and gone back to your old ways, give it a go – but with the knowledge that this is the beginning of habit changes that will embed into your neurology so that you never have to do another diet.

Instead, after The Fat Loss Protocol, you will incrementally increase your food and your movement, maintaining your new-found energy, your resilience, your way of being and your life.

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