Salty Shock!

Written by Changing Habits

October 19, 2010

Read the transcript, watch the video and be absolutely blown away at the report on salads being more high in saturated fat and salt then a Mc Donalds Hamburger. This is a report by the Heart Foundation, who states that the best salad with less fat and salt was a McDonald’s salad and that most salads on the market were worse then a McDonald’s hamburger. I wonder who is funding the Heart Foundation at present? Who cares about the fat and salt in the salad at least there is some real food unlike the hamburger that is made up of a concoction of chemicals with a few stray pieces of food. as for Miss Susan Anderson of the Heart Foundation, if you follow the HF’s guidelines then we are all in trouble.  And I’m not being rude I’m just stating a fact!
Source: Helen Wellings, 18 October 2010

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