To Eat Fish or To Not Eat Fish?

Written by Changing Habits

January 17, 2012

I was listening to a program recently on our local ABC and a young environmentalist – Tim Silverwood was talking about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch within the North Pacific Gyre. He pointed out that this garbage milling in our ocean was plastic that was breaking apart but not degrading.
This plastic soup he said is about the size of South Australia it attracts and absorbs pollutants from the land that have washed into our seas. So things like PCB’s, DDE and DDT are absorbed into this plastic within the soup. Then in turn small fish eat the small and large particles of plastic which are in turn eaten by big fish and then bigger fish and then humans and other predators. The flesh of these fish and animals are then impregnated with the plastics by-products and the pollutants.
Tim Silverwood said that many scientists around the world that knew this fact had stopped eating fish.  
The interviewer Mary Lou from the ABC called me for a statement and wondered if I ate fish any more, which I answered yes!
In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote the book Silent Spring (you can tell it is a favorite book of mine at the moment), in her book she scientifically wrote about the infiltration of chemicals into every corner of the earth, then in the 1980’s Theo Coulbourn’s book Our Stolen Future showed that many animals, even in the Arctic Circle had PCB’s DDT and Dieldren in their body fat. There is a lot of evidence that many babies are born with no less then 200 man made chemicals in their cord blood as a result of the careless use of chemicals world wide.
We are a species that has poisoned most corners of the planet, but having said that we can’t just lay down and die or not eat anything. We have to do the best with what we have.

Yes I do eat fish because I’d rather eat fish than KFC, McDonalds, Lean Cusine or Healthy Choice. And if I eat my fish with my greens, the greens will help get rid of heavy metals and toxins. My Changing Habits Supreme Green Blend which I sprinkle on my salads and have with water morning and night will also help get rid of toxins from the body.

We also know that the old fashion cooking method of fermentation of foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, sourdough breads, traditional fermented drinks and other fermented condiments help in cleaning the body of chemicals.

We are all exposed to chemicals it is a fact of life, but the healthier you are and the more you look after your health the better your body will be able to rid itself of what it doesn’t need.  Fish may have some pollutants but it also has some great nutritional properties and it is a food we’ve survived on for 1000’s of generations. I would rather put the fear of foods made in a chemical laboratory into you rather than the natural fish swimming within our oceans.


The smaller the fish the less concentrated the chemicals and plastics so keep that in mind when choosing your fish. Wild fish is better then farmed so make sure you ask your local fish store the source of your fish.  
Yes be aware and educate yourself on what is happening but remember you have to eat something so eat food in its natural state and as clean as possible. Grow your own lettuce, kale, spinach and herbs and add lots of greens to your diet in order to enhance health.
Following is an interview with Tim Silverwood on Sunrise.  He has a great cause and I believe we should follow his lead and pick up as much plastic as we can so that we stop the growth of the plastic soup with in our oceans and at least halt the poisoning of fish. click here to view

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