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Endura Sports Gel…Really?

Endura Sports Gel…Really?

Cyndi was given this convenient sized sports energy gel at the end of her Mooloolaba Triathlon race, that athletes are meant to consume before, during or after exercise. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t want to put it near our skin, let alone ingest it. Here’s...
What chocolate are you eating this easter?

What chocolate are you eating this easter?

  With Easter fast approaching I just had to bring up chocolate! Now, you know me, I am not against chocolate, it is all to do with the quality of chocolate you are buying or making. Today’s blog post is revolved around a habit that some may admit is a tough one to...
Easter, Easter, Easter

Easter, Easter, Easter

Do you often return to work after a well-deserved break feeling sorry for yourself, possibly because you have packed on a few kilo’s, you’re skin has broken out, you have headaches or you’ve come out in a rash? You also might feel tired, lousy and...
Inca Inchi Powder and Oil

Inca Inchi Powder and Oil

In the previous articles, I have been speaking about the benefits of Inca Inchi as a wonderful food source. Inca Inchi Protein Powder – is high in plant protein, so ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Add to your baking, smoothies & drinks or even sprinkled on...
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