A day in the life of an elite athlete

Written by Changing Habits

February 2, 2016

Tyron Boorman is a 19 year old Junior World Rowing medal winner who is now attending the University of Canberra and still training 30 to 35 hours a week.

Changing Habits have proudly sponsored Tyron over the last 3 years and his goal is to represent Australia at the 2020 Olympics. Recently, Tyron was kind enough to share some of his healthy eating tips with us and his experience using some of the Changing Habits products.

Here is what a day in the life of Tyron, an elite athlete and Olympic hopeful looks like:

“It’s 4.45am; my alarm goes off at this time every day except Sunday, which is my rest day.

I always start my morning with warm filtered water with freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed in, along with a quarter teaspoon of organic non-aluminum bi-carb for body alkalinity and 3 drops of Nascent iodine.

After a shower, my breakfast is a cup of organic rolled oats that has been soaked overnight in hot filtered water, topped with a handful of Changing Habits organic dates.

I arrive at the boat shed around 5.30am for a 6am start on the water, for a couple of hours of training with the ACT Academy of Sport group. I train like this every day except Sunday.

As soon as I am off the water I have a quick and easy snack that usually consists of seasonal fruit and yoghurt. Lately I’ve been enjoying 2 bananas, some chopped paw paw, chopped Changing Habits organic dates mixed through some organic sheep yogurt. Then If I’m still hungry I’ll have a homemade, gluten free sandwich made from nuts as the base which is full of quality protein and fats to help keep me sustained.

Then I’ll wash down my boat and do a warm down before heading home for my second breakfast. I love making pancakes made from Changing Habits organic Emmer Wheat flour with a little bit of the Changing Habits Rapadura Sugar to taste. While I’m making my pancakes, this is when I have my Changing Habits organic probiotics, supreme green blend, camu camu powder and colloidal minerals, just mixed into some water. This is my daily health shot, and I just chase it down with some extra water.  I’ve experienced huge health improvements over the last 2 years as a result of taking my health shot daily. The Changing Habits Probiotics have had a huge impact on improving my overall health.

After my second breakfast I’ll rest for 45 minutes to help with my recovery.

Mid-morning I head to the University of Canberra, where I’m studying a sports science degree. I always come to Uni with a pre-packed lunch, so I don’t have to resort to the on-campus food which generally doesn’t have the best food choices available. Today my lunch contains 5 organic apples, 3 bananas, Changing Habits dates and some nuts like walnuts for snacks along with 3 chicken or salmon salad homemade sandwiches.

After uni I train again for a couple of hours in the gym or do cross training. After the afternoon training, my next meal is a large thermos of sweet potato mash, a tin of salmon and, as a treat, a handful of Changing Habits cacao melts.

Then it’s time for dinner. My dinner does vary – from roast chicken, rice and vegetables to a simple, clean meal of meat and vegetables or a meat and vegetable casserole. I try to always add the Changing Habits Turmeric Powder to my meals because of its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Another one of my favourite meals is to enjoy a beautiful grass-fed steak on a Saturday afternoon.

For me, to get the most out of my training I make sure I’m organised and prepared with my foods and that I’m consuming quality, healthy food at the right time, which helps with a fast recovery from training, pool sessions, massages and improves my quality of sleep.

Living the dream,
Tyron Boorman”


Second from right:  Tyron at the 2014 World Rowing Junior Championships in Hamburg, Germany

February 2016

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