Arthritis and Gout

Written by Cyndi

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October 27, 2014

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Arthritis is a group name for around 100 conditions affecting the joints in the body. These conditions cause damage to the joints usually resulting in pain, swelling, reduced movement, redness, warmth and stiffness. Arthritis can affect many parts of the joints as well as every joint in the body.

The three main arthritis conditions which affect 95% of arthritis sufferers include:

  • osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • gout

Many people think that arthritis is a part of growing old, but this isn’t so, in fact two out of every three people with arthritis are aged between 15 and 60.

When you do some research about arthritis in the conventional health books and web sites you will notice that arthritis is considered a condition that has no known origin and no cure. Management is with life-long medications, staying active and mechanical aids. Diet is said to “perhaps help” with management of arthritis but there is no known diet that will cure it.

If you visit a conventional doctor they may tell you that there is no cure, that diet has nothing to do with arthritis and that you will have to stay on the medications for the rest of your life. Your doctor may ask you to come back for blood tests several times a year to make sure the medications you are taking are not damaging a major organ in the body, such as the liver. If the medication you are taking for your arthritis has major side-effects then they will find another drug that doesn’t affect you so dramatically. But it is important to know that all drugs, including minor pain killers, have side-effects.

Diet has everything to do with arthritis, not only the food you put in your mouth but the food you feed your mind (positive or negative) and the food you put on your skin (chemicals or nourishing). Arthritis is a diet disorder!

By looking at the body as more then just joint inflamed or in pain then we must look at the whole body.  By doing this we can see that what we feed the body will affect the health of it. So if we feed your body food that will not nourish it, then the body will make junk body parts that don’t work very well. It will also create other ill health in the body such as fatigue, tiredness and general unwellness, which are all symptoms of arthritis.

The most frustrating thing about modern science, medicine and health care today is that it looks at the human body as a machine. Scientists study one microscopic part of the human body and then try to make sense of why drugs or nutrients do certain things in the biochemistry. In health care, we have specialists for certain diseases and parts of the body. If you have a bad heart you go to your cardiologist; if you have cancer you go to the oncologist; if you have arthritis you go to the rheumatologist, and so on. Removing the swelling and pain from your joints does not mean that you are healthy; it just means that you have removed the pain and swelling. Just because you fix up one part does not mean the body is fixed. Just because a certain drug or nutrient is found to do one thing, it doesn’t show the whole picture when it interacts with the rest of the reactions happening in the body.

The body is not a machine – it is an intelligence that is so amazing that we don’t really understand how it works. With science we have learnt some amazing things, but we do not know the whole picture because it is a system of loops and feedbacks of chemical reactions and miraculous happenings. I am in awe of this body and know that if I give it the right resources in the way of food, air and water, but don’t interfere (unless it is a life-threatening situation) then I know that it knows what to do with these resources to make itself healthy and better.

I have seen over and over again when a person moves from a completely modern day diet (full of additives, flavourings and artificial foods) back to a diet of real food – like fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, meats, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, herbs, cocoa, legumes and spices and anything you can make with these foods, including chocolate cake – then miracles happen. All of a sudden the body is given the right resources, and it knows exactly what to do with them – it will start to heal by itself spontaneously.If you have arthritis then my suggestion is to become informed.  At Changing Habits we have many resources including books, audios, reports and food in order to help you.Begin by reading the report that is appropriate to your condition.  Inform yourself by reading Changing Habits Changing Lives and follow the alkaline diet outlined in the Arthritis Report.

The 21 Step Reset Program is a quick start to helping through the education process.  It also explains how to implement into your diet the food supplements advised by Cyndi O’Meara including, seaweed salt, organic colloidal, supreme green blend and probiotics.  All are essential in order to get your body into an alkaline state and help the body heal. To purchase the full report click here.

Happy Changing Habits

Cyndi O’Meara


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