Article Review: How much Iodine should we prescribe? By Joseph Pizzorno

Written by Changing Habits

June 12, 2014

Here is a link to a review that may answer questions for you regarding iodine and its significance in thyroid health, hormone health and possible link in the prevention and cure of fibrotic breast disease and PCOS.

The question that is divided in the medical community is how much iodine do we need?  Is the RDA of less then 200 micrograms enough?  What type of iodine do I use? Should we supplement with iodine if we have thyroid disease?  What is the optimal dose?

The scientific community is divided on many issues but this review may help you with an understanding of iodine’s place in health.  Being informed is the most important part in a health journey. We are all individuals and when you have knowledge, you are able to make informed decisions rather then leaving your health to treatments that may not necessarily be of help to you.

Click here to read Joseph Pizzorno’s article

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