Australia- The undernourished country

Written by Changing Habits

March 8, 2011

Approximately 60 percent of the population is considered overweight, and
almost one-third is obese, serious diseases are linked to what we eat
and kill an estimated three out of four Australians each year. These
diseases include heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some types
of cancer, and diabetes.  The food we eat is killing more people than
anything else in Australia.  This is something we can control, but
knowledge about what is healthy is confusing.


On one hand you have the heart foundation, Australian dietary guidelines
and other scientific and medical authorities promoting, low fat,
margarine, diet drinks, breakfast cereals, modified dairy to name a few
as healthy and recommended then you have me and other forward thinking
nutritionists promoting real foods and to stay away from all the new

Junk food is cheap, healthy foods can be costly and we have no one to
blame but ourselves.  We have created a monster food system that grows
exponentially every year, where the cheaper the food the more that is
purchased while the food that we should be eating becomes more expensive
and something that is out of reach in most households.  Governments
subsidise the junk foods while doing nothing for the small sustainable
farmers.  Our behaviour as consumers is a key success factor in creating
this deplorable state of affairs.

Whenever I talk to a group that have never heard me before I can see
their eyes and minds being widened to the gullibility of their food
choices.  The health claims on many of the packaged foods that I
wouldn’t even feed to my dog and definitely not my children are becoming
more extravagant and bold with bigger lies.  For instance Uncle Tobys
Oat Crisp with its heart tick of approval has on the front of the box
“Help Lower your Cholesterol Re-absorption”  What the?????  What is
cholesterol re-absorption???  And if they are talking about the storage
of cholesterol back into the liver please show me the study that proves

What we eat is the problem, now we have a great opportunity to transform
it into the solution. The best starting point to properly define food
for health and food for sickness.


Real Food is for health;  it’s food that is free of synthetic
hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, nanotechnology, additives,
preservatives, flavourings, hydrogenated vegetable oils, modified dairy
and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Food produced with integrity,
using clean and fair farming practices, developed and harvested by
socially and ecologically responsible farmers.   Find these foods at
your local farmers markets and organic produce store.  Real Food is from
plant or animal origin and not only nourishes the body but mind and

Laboratory Food is for sickness; food that is engineered and
processed to be more appealing and profitable. I consider laboratory
food to be any food that is not Real Food. Today, Laboratory food
represents around 95 percent of the food produced and consumed in

Money-Grubbers: Marketers using their talents to create
distribute and promote Laboratory Foods.  They are highly educated and
extremely smart coming from the worlds best universities and their true
intention is to make laboratory foods highly desirable,  they have lots
of marketing resources, so they have led us to believe almost everything
they wanted, including diet drinks are good for losing weight,
breakfast cereals are a miracle food capable of almost anything and
margarine is far superior than butter.  These virus’s of the mind which
have been implanted into our consciousness have spread like wild fire
and many people now automatically spit out the propaganda of the

The Western World are a group of countries filled with huge
contradictions. The tax dollar is used to subsidise food that is
poisoning us and our children, condemning  future generations.  We
perpetuate this by using our hard urned money to buy Laboratory Foods
that in turn maximise company profits, which they use to stop any
positive change in food production, perpetuating a system that creates
fat, sick and nearly dead individuals.    The large food, chemical and
drug companies are partners in crime.  As we get fatter and sicker the
drug companies move in, to make us supposedly better.  But the evidence
is that the drugs don’t make us better, they merely mask the symptom and
create a long term dependence on drugs.  Some people have been on their
anti cholesterol, anti depressant, heart pills for 20 or more years and
it is done without question.  The average Australian geriatric is on a
miniumum of 14 different drugs a day.  This is big business.

Sally Fallon author of Nourishing Traditions and health advocate told me
recently that she believed people in this laboratory food-drug system
are doomed and that future generations will either be sick or infertile
and they will die out.  People who are willing to stand against the big
companies will be the survivors. 

Fast food companies are the masters of laboratory food, engineering and
processing their food like products be low in fat, salt and sugar while
creating great taste.  As long as we support these companies with our
money the more they will contaminate our health as they have done for
the last 40 years.

As food consumers we have been gullible and not very smart, we have been
manipulated by the money-grubbers to believe that the laboratory food
on the supermarket shelf is good for us, but in reality it is edible but
making us fat, sick and nearly dead.  The realisation of this
diabolical state is the first step.

The consumption of Real Food changes people, physically, mentally and
emotionally, it creates communities and prompts local sustainable,
ethical farmers to continue their work.  The most effective way to
change current food consumption is to not buy into the money-grubbers
persuasive ways.

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