Is a daily intake of celery juice your silver bullet?

Written by Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi is about educating. Her greatest love is to teach, both in the public arena and within the large corporate food companies, to enable everyone to make better choices so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their lives. Considered one of the world's foremost experts in Nutrition, Cyndi brings over 40 years experience, research and knowledge.

April 11, 2023

I’ve been in the health and nutrition industry for 43 years.

I’ve seen the darlings and silver bullets of vitamins, minerals and health/super foods come and go.  I see celery juice as just another fad.  16oz of freshly juiced celery, with no additives, consumed on an empty stomach to be exact.

Look, if you eat the SAD (Standard Australian Diet) diet and continue with a destructive lifestyle (processed foods, sugar, alcohol, drugs), I probably don’t have to tell you that consuming the recommended 16oz of pure celery juice every morning is going to do very little to reverse the damage. What I will tell you is it’s not the one thing you do for a couple of months that makes the difference, it’s the many small things you do over a lifetime that creates health and longevity.

Celery is high in oxalates.  If for some reason you are unable to utilize oxalates because you do not have Oxalobacter formigenes, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in your microbiome then you may be in trouble when you consume celery juice every single day.

Oxalobacter formigenes is degraded by commonly prescribed antibiotics and glyphosate. Bifidobacterium is degraded by the spike protein from the disease COVID and the spike protein in the vaccine, new research shows.

These bacteria are essential to making sure oxalate does not build up in the human body causing kidney stones, arthritis, tooth, and gum issues and many more maladies.

In my opinion? To tell the world’s population that 16oz of celery juice every single morning will cure a myriad of diseases is to be naïve to the fact that we are not all equal. So no, this is not your silver bullet I’m afraid.

As always, do your research and remember that it’s the many small, positive changes that you introduce over time that really make the difference.

If you’re looking for a few small positive changes to start implementing through your nutrition, I recommend the following products: Nature’s Mineral Boost, Peak Performance, Organic Probiotics. And hey, if you’re dipping your toe and looking to start with smaller steps, try start with something like our Clean Coffee Beans or Raw Cacao Choc Chips, every small change you make has a big impact over time.


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