What Will You Choose – Action or Wilful Ignorance?


Written by Cyndi

Cyndi is about educating. Her greatest love is to teach, both in the public arena and within the large corporate food companies, to enable everyone to make better choices so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their lives. Considered one of the world's foremost experts in Nutrition, Cyndi brings over 40 years experience, research and knowledge.

January 22, 2019

I never set out to change the world, as that would just be too hard. I set out to educate myself so I could change myself (as I am the only person I have complete power over) then in turn do the best for my family. With my family’s love and support I may be able to influence a community and then perhaps a ripple effect will continue around this great country, creating a tsunami of change in the world. Change can only come from the individual; influence by example creates the ripple.

Food is my passion. I’ve been studying it for nearly four decades, not only as it pertains to eating but also the growing process. The more I learn about food on the supermarket shelf and chemical monoculture agriculture (where only a single crop, species of livestock or plant is produced or grown at a time), the more incensed I become. People accept that what is on the supermarket shelf is safe to eat. But there are so many hidden agricultural chemicals and added food enhancers from dubious sources lining the food aisles of the supermarket.

Marketers and food manufacturers play on this fact; on the consumer’s wilful ignorance. When you’re in the supermarket you don’t want to think about where your food comes from, what they’ve done to it, what additives it contains, how they make those additives, or whether the food is genetically modified, with Roundup, dicamba or 2,4-D herbicides sprayed on it before harvest. It’s almost like we turn a blind eye. We believe that the government would not allow foods on the grocery store shelf that could possibly make us sick. Wilful ignorance cannot be overstated.

Food manufacturers get away with putting dubious ingredients in our food because everyone is prepared to look the other way. I see so many children and adults with health issues, more so than when I started my career in 1980.

‘How Are They Allowed to Put These Things in Our Food?’

Educating people is the key to a rebellion and to no longer saying, ‘I didn’t know that’. One of my ocean swimming friends asked me to come and clean out his pantry and fridge. He wanted himself and his young family to start eating better. He told me they ate well, but just needed some pointers. Just about everything I pulled out of his fridge and pantry had a flavour, colour, acidity regulator, thickener or some other dubious additive. I explained what each of the additives were, how they were made and what health issues they may cause. He was shocked. He asked the same thing everyone else does: ‘How are they allowed to put these things in our food?’.

Most agriculture and food manufacturing has never been about health, but rather yield and profit.

As I learn I teach. Writing my book Changing Habits Changing Lives was passing on my knowledge to an unsuspecting public. Producing my documentary ‘What’s With Wheat?‘ was a chance to capture another audience. Creating the podcast Up For A Chat was yet another way to educate. And beginning my registered training organisation and my nutrition course was about educating people so that they can go on to educate their community.

It’s Hard Not to Do Things Differently When You Know the Truth

Different mediums for education help spread the word. It is also an opportunity for me to learn. Interviewing people on specific topics allows a deep dive into the unknown. When I interviewed Dr Stephanie Seneff, senior researcher at MIT in Boston, for my documentary in 2015, I spent the three hours with her with my jaw on the floor. Dr Seneff researches the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup). I was so appalled by the misinformation on this topic that I delved deep into it to become an expert on the ramifications of this herbicide, not only on human health but animal, bacterial and soil health.

If I don’t stand for something then I’m going to fall for everything. It’s hard not to do things differently when you know the truth. Education, persistence and being consistent creates change, whether it be in your own lives or that of your community.

I purchased a farm to grow my own foods for food security, not only for me and my family but for my local community. When I learnt our local council sprayed Roundup through the region, I became a bee in their bonnet about the topic. I visited my local councillor, I called the mayor, I rang the local parks officer and I spread the word on my social media platform. My aim is to stop the use of Roundup and glyphosate-containing products on the parks, playgrounds, sports grounds and verges in my community. I’m happy to say that the head of parks called me late last year and told me that they would stop using Roundup on the Sunshine Coast asap. And don’t think that being rebellious against the establishment of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA), the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) and the Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) is easy. It’s a huge train to stop and even bigger to turn around.

Having said that, I’m seeing change happen. As the public becomes educated and starts to vote with their hip pockets or who they put in office, change will be evident. My topic is food and agriculture. This is where I focus my efforts but that doesn’t mean I don’t have concerns for other areas of our lives and the planet. I watch other mums, too, become leaders for their causes with great admiration; they are the ones that keep me going to create that tsunami of change for the health of our children and future generations.

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  1. Jennifer Czislowski

    We are with you all the way Cindi . My friend has just introduced me to your changing habits website
    My goodness what a valiant campaigner for health truth and justice you are !
    It is so wonderful to hear a strong and informed voice that says what my husband and I feel and what we know to be true. We feel it is imperative to reverse this “wilful ignorance”with no time to lose – look at the illness stats – Medical is the fastest growing industry !!!!and I didn’t know until now that you live and work our area !! Kind regards Jennifer and Bryce Czislowski

    • Kerry White

      Hi Jennifer! Thanks for getting in touch and for your kind words! We look forward to supporting you however we can 🙂

  2. Christine

    Always find your information so interesting and have learnt so much. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mary-Rose Burke

    Please keep up your good work. I have been aware most of my life regarding healthy food, excercise and lifestyle. So glad you are educating people to take responsibility for their own health. What a blessing you are. Thankyou for the great recipes too.

  4. Cassie

    Cindy please run for mayor. We are with you all the way, I’ve lost confidence in our politicians. It’s all about money not the future world and how we killing it.

  5. Jenny

    Thanks to you, my shopping time has doubled! I now read labels on everything I buy that I”m going to eat! And just because I bought that particular brand of whatever last time and it was OK, that sadly, doesn’t mean that the packet/tin now sitting on the supermarket shelf is the same as the last one I bought! I guess I grew up believing that what was in upsermarkets was safe to eat, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it, How wrong we all were. Thank you for enlightening us. Keep up the good work!

  6. Lesya Roden

    Hi Cyndi..everytime I think it’s all too hard I get a message from your articles that gives me a kick up the proverbial and reawakens my resolve to
    stay on my health journey.

  7. seferis

    Hi Cyndi, could you please advise what the council is now using instead of Roundup? My gardener is using it and I want him to stop but I need to provide him with an alternative. Thank you.

    • Kerry White

      Hello – thanks for getting in touch 🙂 Cyndi says the Sunshine Coast Council is now trialing Contactorganics.com.au and Slasher. They haven’t yet completely stopped using Roundup, but they are drastically reducing its use. I hope this helps.


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