Why Are the Fat Loss Protocol Supplements So Important?

Written by Leanne Blackman

August 21, 2018

We often get asked why the Changing Habits real food supplements are so important during the Fat Loss Protocol (and beyond). There is a valid reason why we include these supplements in the protocol – they not only provide your body with much needed nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more, but they also aid your body in the detoxification process and throughout the whole journey of healing.

The supplements we recommend for use throughout the Fat Loss Protocol include:

Changing Habits Colloidal Minerals – This is a great supplement to take to help boost energy levels, decrease headaches, improve blood sugar levels and aid in flushing heavy metals from the body.

Protocol Health EssentialsContaining a blend of camu camu, probiotic, green blend and an assortment of herbs designed specifically for the Protocol.

We also recommend Changing Habits Seaweed Salt which helps heal poor digestive systems, rebuilds and maintains all glands in the body, and cleanses the body of heavy metals. Dulse – a key ingredient in our salt – is high in calcium, fibre and protein and helps support healthy brain function. Combined they provide a good source of iodine for hormone development, zinc for boosting immunity and iron for energy.

How the Supplements Ensure the Best Results for Your Body

I often get asked: “I am eating all the right foods –  are the supplements really that important?” It’s a perfectly valid question and here’s what I tell anyone that asks: If you want to achieve the maximum results from the protocol, you can’t do it without them.

We all need the extra nutritional boost that only the supplements provide.

The supplements enrich the body’s internal environment to fortify cellular protection and help support our body during its healing renewal process. If you are struggling with detox symptoms, having massive sugar cravings, feeling fatigued, cannot control your emotional state of mind, or feeling aches or pains, this is your body screaming at you that something is amiss. The supplements can help to ensure your body is equipped to function properly throughout the Fat Loss Protocol and beyond.

How to Take Your Supplements

We are always looking for creative ways to work the supplements into our day. Here are a few ideas on how to get them to work for you – no more excuses!

  1. Straight, no chaser:

The supplements can be combined together, following the recommended doses on the pack, and added to a small glass of water. Mix well and bottoms up! If they don’t fully dissolve to your liking, try letting them sit for 5 minutes before whisking them with a coffee foamer for a few seconds.

Extra hints: 

  • Experiment with room temperature water or very cold water – you may find one works better for you.
  • Try adding a squeeze of lemon juice or dash of Stevia.
  • If you have been taking the supplements for a while and are now comfortably consuming the full dose, try mixing all your dry supplements together in a large glass jar – this saves daily measuring from each bottle – then all you need to do is spoon out one good sized tablespoon, add the minerals and you’re done.

2. Morning smoothie:

Sneaking the supplements into a smoothie is probably the easiest way to take them for those that have trouble with the taste. Simply blend one of your fruit serves with a little water, add the supplements and finish with some mint or cinnamon. The online program also has some fabulous smoothie recipes that you might like to try.

Extra hint:

  • At lunch, sprinkle the powdered supplements on your salad or blend into your salad dressing.

3. Tiny bubbles:

I love my Sodastream and am a big fan of adding bubbles to make things a little fun – try mixing your supplements with a little sparkling water.

Extra hint:

  • Add the sparkling water s-l-o-w-l-y otherwise you may experience some bubbly overflow!
  • Kultured Wellness Apple Kefir makes for a lovely flavour when added to your bubbles.

4. Immune boosting tea:

Combine the health benefits of iced or room temperature tea (like rooibos/peppermint) and your supplements to give your body a little immune boost. Use the tea leaves/bag of your choice, add some mint leaves, ginger, lemon/lime juice and allow to brew overnight. Mix with your supplements the next morning. The great thing about this method is that the flavour combinations are endless.

Extra hint:

  • Add some bubbles to your cold brew herbal teas.

5. Water it down

For a milder, less intense flavour try diluting the supplements in 2 litres of water and gently sipping throughout the day.

Extra tip:

  • Add lemon slices or fresh ginger and herbs.
  • Use a straw so that you can bypass your tongue. Aim to have the drink land at the very back of your tongue so that it may go straight down your throat and avoid any contact with the taste buds on your tongue.

6. Roll into balls

Combine all the dry supplements into a bowl, add the minerals to form a paste, then roll into tablet sized balls and swallow.

Extra tip

  • Add a little collagen if the mixture is too wet.
  • Add a little water if the mixture is too dry.

Supplements for Long-term Nutritional Support

It may take a little experimenting to find out what works for you when it comes to taking the supplements, but it will soon become a habit that your body will thank you for. The supplements will not only help with energy and hunger, but they will also ensure that you are adequately meeting your nutritional requirements at a cellular level, maximising weight loss and feeling the best that you can throughout the protocol and for life.

We all have that vision in our head of who we’d love to be. Yours might look something like this: Fit, active, free from pain and chronic health conditions, surrounded by supportive and loving people, and engaged in the world around us. But getting from where we are now, to where we want to be can feel overwhelming when we first start out. The Changing Habits supplements will help support your body to meet your health goals right from the start.

Cleaning our teeth every morning is a non-negotiable behaviour that most of us do without even thinking, and it’s this kind of mindset we need when trying to foster any new habit. Let’s make taking our supplements a non-negotiable starting from today!

I would love to know how you add the supplements to your day? I am sure you will surprise me with your creativity!

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