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Written by Cyndi

Cyndi is about educating. Her greatest love is to teach, both in the public arena and within the large corporate food companies, to enable everyone to make better choices so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their lives. Considered one of the world's foremost experts in Nutrition, Cyndi brings over 40 years experience, research and knowledge.

March 10, 2020

Many people try, and fail at, diets. 

A common story is people sticking to a diet for six weeks or so, losing some weight, and then going back to their old ways, believing that they won’t regain the weight. Delusion sets in thinking that they can do the same thing and get a different result.

A diet should be a wake-up call; if you do something different then the results will be different.

There are two types of diets out there. The first is the quick-fix, prepared-meal or meal-replacement diet. These do not educate about food. In order to maintain the weight, you must continue to buy the prepared meals or meal-replacement shakes. That’s just common sense, but for some reason there is the illusion that once the weight is lost, then going back to the old ways of eating will not change the weight.

People start a diet because, for the most part, they need to lose weight and they are in that predicament because of the food and lifestyle choices they have previously made. Therefore, going back to the old ways of eating means that the predicament will return.

The second type of diet is a teaching diet, where you are asked to move away from the foods that you have been consuming like breakfast cereal, white bread, margarine, and other refined foods mostly seen in the SAD (Standard Australian/American Diet) and move to a more real food diet. This kind of diet means you get back into the kitchen to feed and nourish yourself to heal any health and/or weight issues.

Once again, it’s usually a six week program with the premise that you will continue to learn the foods that make you feel amazing and keep your weight at a healthy homeostasis. But what happens in many people is that they don’t continue the changes but rather revert back to the old way of eating and then complain that the diet or diets don’t work.

I usually hear from people that: “I was doing really well and then a stressful situation happened and I went back to eating bad foods and eating for comfort”. 

I’d like to see people in times of stress adhere even more to their new food and lifestyle changes and there is a really good reason for that. When you are healthy and feeling on top of the world stressful situations don’t seem quite so all encompassing.

Today we have 24-hour supermarkets filled with non-nutrient, ultra-processed foods made from dubious plant and animal products from poisonous agricultural methods. The temptations are there and will always be there. The digital world is also open 24/7, taking over our life, beaming the world into our homes and disrupting what normal life should be, without peril, disasters and conspiracies.

Dr David Perlmutter in his latest book ‘Brain Wash’ shows that this current reality is posing serious risks to our physical and mental states, our connections with others and even the world at large.

The Time to Change Your Diet Habits is Now

Inflammatory foods not only affect the body but also the brain. Our current situation highlights a surge in mental illness and physical illness, which go hand in hand. The neck does not separate the brain and body but rather connects it with an array of blood vessels, as well as the central and peripheral nervous system. What affects one will affect the other. Dr Perlmutter shows how inflammatory foods (modern, manipulated) are causing a hijacking of the brain and body, leaving more people lonely, anxious, depressed, distrustful, prone to illness and overweight.

Now more than ever it’s time to make serious changes in our food and lifestyle.

At Changing Habits we educate people about the food they eat, detailing how agriculture has changed, how food manufacturers are using synthetic biology/biotechnology and food additives produced by chemical companies. We teach you where to source and find the foods that will nourish and heal your body and brain. We have key programs that can take you on this journey, from the Real Food Reset to the Fat Loss Protocol. Each one is based on real food, no meal replacements or prepacked foods. We guide you with meal plans and guidelines for a finite period of time and then coach you when you need it through our private coaching groups.

We want to see individuals succeed because we know that when the individual succeeds, there is a ripple effect in the family, community, country and planet. 

Education is the key: changing habits and maintaining those new habits create lifelong change. When the higher brain is in control we make better decisions (as opposed to when the lower reptilian brain is in control and we make decisions based on survival, rather than thriving).

Stop blaming the diet and start taking responsibility for what you are consuming both my mouth and through the brain (information). We all have a responsibility to change this planet, but the only person we can change is ourselves. By changing the current destructive habits of food and lifestyle, can you imagine where you will be in a one month, or six months? And where you will be at the end of the year or decade?

We have a responsibility to not only ourselves and our family, but to future generations. The greater the number of people who change, the more this planet will change.

So let’s make 2020 and this decade a time in which you change your food choices, your digital screen time and the amount you sleep, move and connect with people. 

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