How to choose a healthy chocolate!


Written by Changing Habits

September 4, 2013

1. Read the ingredients rather than the nutritional panel

2. If the ingredient list reads like a chemical laboratory or is extensively long – it’s not healthy – step away from the chocolate.

3. Milk and white chocolate use flavours and milk protein concentrates therefore can be dismissed immediately from being a healthy chocolate

4. In the ingredient list, if the world flavour is present – put it back

5. Soy lecithin is an emulsifier that is not required by a good chocolateer, it’s an added ingredient that is not necessary and is a red flag as to the quality

6. Vegetable oil of any sort has no place in a great chocolate

7. Look for cacao liquor or paste, cacao butter and cacao powder, these are nutritious ingredients that make up a great chocolate

8. The amount of sugar is also important.  A good quality chocolate will have one type of sugar toward the end of the ingredient list

9. The type of sugar is also important, rapadura, organic cane juice, or unrefined sugar are three excellent nutritious sugars

10. If the chocolate has ingredients other than the cacao and the sugar make sure they are real such as; coconut oil, sea salt, nuts, seeds, dried fruit (sulfur and oil free), chili, lime oil, peppermint oil, goji berries, coconut, orange and any other real food.

If you can’t find a healthy chocolate then make your own using Changing Habits Cacao Melts, Rapadura Sugar, Seaweed Salt and coconut oil. Here is the video to show you how to make your own chocolate.

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