This is a lifestyle change!! By guest blogger, Kelli Schultz

Written by Changing Habits

August 26, 2015

We hear lots of heartening stores from amazing people who have benefited from our research, information, protocols and products – but Kelli’s story is nothing short of inspiring. We hope you enjoy reading Kelli’s moving story as much as we have. Happy Changing Habits, Cyndi and the Changing Habits team In 2013 I discovered a few friends were doing this Protocol thing and seemed to be having some great results. I decided to check it out, I went to the Changing Habits website, did a bit of reading  and liked what I read. One of the major things I learnt through my research was that this is NOT a diet.  It isn’t simply about reducing food intake until you reach a desired weight. It is so much more than that. People dismiss it as another fad diet and this is so far from the truth. It is an education in food and body. I have learnt so much about myself and how my body reacts to certain foods.  I have no desire to eat things that hurt me and I don’t want to go back to a life of pain. In November 2013 I bought the starter pack and read the book from cover to cover many times. I didn’t actually start a round of the protocol until February last year (2014). I knew that I would need to be in the right frame of mind to succeed as I anticipated a challenge. I suffered severe depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia for several years. By February my pain levels from fibromyalgia were spiking an average of 8/10 daily. I was barely able to walk 500mtrs, had daily headaches, brain fog, terrible fatigue and gut/bowel issues. At my heaviest I weighed 119kg and when starting the drops I was 111kg and considering I only measure 147cm (4ft 10in) it wasn’t good. However, my main concern was the other health issues, primarily. Despite having perfect blood pressure, blood sugars and heart I didn’t see how this could continue and I was also worried about muscle issues from immobility. I was taking maximum dose of prescription pain killers daily, could barely walk to the letter box and needless to say my mental state was a mess. I took the big step on February 2nd and began the protocol. Within two weeks I was walking 3km easily, had no fatigue, headaches or gut issues. My pain levels were down to about 3/10!! I could not believe the difference just from paying attention to foods and how they affected my inflammation. After the two loading days of phase 1 and the 43 days of phase 2 I was not only feeling awesome I was also down to 96.7kg. A loss of almost 15kg!! I did phase 4 and 5 (continuing to lose weight) and had the required rest period. On 12 May I began my 2nd round and weighed in at 90.4kg (on writing this I am 65.2kg). I noticed the weight loss was slower this time and I attributed this to a back injury I was struggling with and apparently it is common for loss to be slower in 2nd and 3rd rounds. I started round three with loading on 11 October 2014 and finished in November. I am planning on starting a fourth round in a couple of weeks. Since Nov I have stuck to LCHF (low carb high fat) and have lost a small amount since then but not gained at all. I am now (today) 65.2kg. I have taken 4 panadol since Feb last year, can walk up to 10km at a time, do yoga. My mental health is perfect!  From being on suicide watch often (diagnosed severe anxiety and bi-polar) to this is incredible. I was post menopause at the time of starting but think my hormones were still a bit jumpy. I am 47yrs and feel amazing! It’s a real misconception that only people on high incomes can afford this lifestyle. I am a single mum on a carers’ pension and I live better eating this way than I did before starting the protocol. I have shared my journey through a personal blog here and continue sharing my story via my small business that a friend (who was prompted to do the protocol after my success) and I have set up here in Tassie. Kind regards, Kelli Schultz Nourishing Therapeutics

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  1. Michelle Gigliotti

    Omg how amazing.. l loved reading the story of your journey.. very inspiring and has me excited to start as I’ve purchased the full pack and will hopefully start next week once it arrives… Continued success, health and happiness to you…


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