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Keep in Symphony, Keep in Tune

Keep in Symphony, Keep in Tune

Here at Changing Habits, we are very fortunate to have a wonderful team culture and a strong, innovative leadership team. During a random sleepless night recently, our Managing Director Howard O’Meara put pen to paper and wrote an insightful message on the...
22 Habits of Happy People

22 Habits of Happy People

I was reading through an article called ’22 Habits of Unhappy People’ recently and decided that I’d rather know the 22 Habits of Happy People, so I turned each of the habits around. As a result, Carren Smith and Kim Morrison, my Up For A Chat co hosts...
Isagenix and Herbalife Review

Isagenix and Herbalife Review

I’m asked this question frequently – what do I think about Isagenix or Herbalife? Isagenix, Herbalife or the latest greatest slimming protein and supplement powders seem to be sold on great stories and dubious science.  At the moment, Isagenix seems to be the...
Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston, We Have A Problem

I was privileged to speak to 400+ women recently on the Sunshine Coast and they were for the most part, women who did not know me or know my message. I talked about getting back to real foods.  Getting rid of breakfast cereals, modified milks, additive laced bread,...
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