All You Need to Know if You are Doing Multiple Rounds of The Fat Loss Protocol

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Written by Leanne Blackman

February 3, 2019

If you have a larger amount of weight to lose, it may take multiple rounds of the Fat Loss Protocol to hit your goal weight.

But, there is no need to fear – doing multiple rounds is quite common and once you understand how it is done, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the time goes.

It is a fairly simple process as each round is identical in format. You still complete every phase beginning from the loading in Phase 1 to the food introductions in Phase 4, as each phase is critical for success and long-term health and wellness.

There are some guidelines for doing multiple rounds successfully to maximise your overall results:

  1. Break periods

If you do not wait the recommended amount of time between rounds, you can build up a resistance to the support drops.  This may mean not losing weight as quickly or not meeting the expected weight loss in subsequent rounds.

Please refer to the protocol book for the required break times. And remember, the break period is taken from the end of Phase 4 – so this means you have the 3 days of Phase 3, 21 days of Phase 4 and then the required break from the support drops.

  1. Phase 4 is super important

I understand that most of us begin this program for weight loss but if we do not change our habits and learn what foods are right for us, then inevitably, the weight will slowly creep back on.

Many of us are so focused on *getting through* Phase 2 that we leave very little in the tank for the most exciting phase of all – Phase 4! I have had countless conversations with many multi-rounders who lose control during this phase.

Whether it is due to losing momentum, giving into temptation, or just getting lost along the way, the decision to relax during Phase 4 is where trouble can arise. This period is so important in stabilising our new lower weight; discovering and eliminating foods that cause inflammation and cementing our new found habits. Completing Phase 4 in its entirely and continuing to eat well during Phase4Ever is imperative for maintaining our weight.

  1. Skin Rashes/ Hair Loss/ Skin / Food Sensitivities

The Fat Loss Protocol not only eliminates fat but begins to eliminate toxic build up in the fat, tissues and cells.

As we break through each level, the body goes through healing crises. This can mean that as we progress further into the protocol, or after completing more rounds, we often see some issues becoming worse or new problems arising.  These can include food sensitivities, rashes, gut problems, hair loss, etc. We must remember that it has taken a lifetime to accumulate these toxins and when they come out our body is going to react in some way.

As we begin to heal, pathological bacteria in the gut will die off and, if you have a leaky gut, the more irritated the skin and digestive system will get.

If you find yourself in this situation, your coaches are here to help. Some of you may need some additional support and we can recommend some wonderful health professionals if required.

  1. Make the time in between rounds count

We must make sure that we do everything we can to prepare our body in between rounds to minimise the issues mentioned above. You may find the following pointers helpful as you go between and through the rounds:

  • Don’t eat or cheat with a food that you know causes an inflammatory response. Even the smallest amount may cause a big reaction. We are all individuals, so the length of time for recovery will be different. Discover new ways to treat yourself that are not food related. 
  • Eat fermented foods every day – things like sauerkraut, Kultured Wellness Kefir and Coconut Yoghurt, homemade pickles, fermented fruits and vegetables. If you are new to fermented foods start with a very small amount. As your microbiome balances out you will be able to eat more.
  • Consume bone broth to help heal your gut. Read about the many benefits of bone broth here.
  • Increase the amount of protein you eat. Do not deprive yourself of protein.  If possible, including a protein at each meal – grass-fed meats, wild caught, sustainable seafood, organic free range eggs and Inca Inchi protein are all good sources.
  • Stay away from all processed foods and gluten-containing grains and any foods or supplements that may originate from them. Barley, wheat and rye are the biggest offenders – but often oats are contaminated with gluten due to growing and storage in the same areas as wheat.
  • Consume no refined, man-made sugars.  Opt for seasonal fruits, raw honey and Rapadura sugar instead, but keep these to small amounts.
  • Minimise alcohol consumption. If you can do it, abstain.
  • Filter your water, making sure your filter gets as much of the chlorine and fluoride out of the water as possible.
  • Take probiotics, camu camu, greens and colloidals daily. 
  • Include good fats in your diet every day. Inca Inchi oil and coconut oil will give you the essential fats you require.
  • Continue to eat the seaweed salt and drink your salt water daily – 1/8 tsp salt, 500ml filtered water.
  • Feed your skin with natural skin care and personal care products. See the range at Changing Habits here.
  • Begin to consider what chemicals are in your house and slowly get rid of them. Many of these could be endocrine disruptors and it’s just another thing your body has to deal with during the purging process. This blog is a great read. Also, check out Changing Habits range of cleaning products here.
  • Ensure you get adequate sleep – go to bed early and get up with the sun or just before it. I know that this will at times be interrupted especially for those with children, but try your very best.
  • Reduce stress as much as possible and embrace self love. We love Kim Morrison’s book The Art of Self-Love.


Most importantly, be kind to yourself – changing behaviours and responses takes time. For many, a lifetime of bad choices has led to poor health. Continuing to educate yourself means you can be informed and practice patience in your healing. The Fat Loss Protocol gives you the tools to change yourself on the physical level, but also consider your mind and spirit – harmony is key. 

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