How To Beat Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar craving

Written by CH Team

April 25, 2018

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. The more sugar you eat, the more sugar your body craves – and it’s no surprise that it can be really hard to break the cycle.

And it’s in so many foods, even those branded as ‘healthy’. Read this blog to find out where sugar is hiding in your food, including the many names it goes by.

Essentially, sugar can be split into four different groups:

  1.  Artificial sweeteners
  2. Manmade sugars
  3. Processed, refined and extracted sugar and sweeteners
  4. Natural sugars

Find out more about these sugars here. In today’s modern world, we have to be mindful of the quantity and quality of the sugar we consume. Sugar addiction is also a real issue. In the video below, Laura Marquis shares her story about her own sugar addiction and explains how she overcome it.

Tips To Beat Your Cravings

In her TEDx Talk, Laura Marquis gives these tips for helping to kick a sugar craving:

  1. Limit processed sugar, then remove it from your diet all together
  2. Learn to read a food label (read more here)
  3. Keep healthy treats to hand – try some of these recipes, none of which contain processed sugar:

Have you battled with a sugar addiction? What did you do to overcome it?




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