My Changing Habits Journey – a guest blog by Stuart Gough

Written by Changing Habits

June 10, 2015

I’ve known Stuart Gough for quite a few years now.

At first he started his journey slowly changing his habits bit by bit, I’ve watched him lose weight, gain health by consistently sticking to the principles of cleaning up his environment and only eating foods with single ingredients, and making amazing dishes by using recipes based on culture and tradition.

He is an inspiration on our Facebook page and is always making positive comments on how to implement habit changes.

The most admirable thing about Stuart is that he sticks to the principles of Changing Habits, building on each of them, consistently educating himself and understanding why he needs to do certain things for his health.  Education is the key and as one of the students in the Changing Habits Education Program, he is honing his skills in order to help others in his community.

Stuart is writing a blog about his progress and has allowed me to show it publicly on Changing Habits, so enjoy his amazing inspirational story. – Cyndi


Man! That was the shortest soak in the tub ever! I’ve been itch’n to stand at my desk (didn’t I tell you?) I’ve a Stand-Up now, and I love it! You really CAN multitask with one of these. For starters, there’s no chair so no slouching. Phone calls are vibrant, you smile more and hours can just fly buy with productivity. You can reach every corner to grab stuff, I fire my abs, touch toes and do calf raises. It’s the perfect place for ‘changing habits’.

Wow. Each time those two words pop up they give me goosebumps and take me back to when I hit rock bottom. I was staying in Noosa contemplating my future and I remember it like yesterday – 5am April 20th, 2013. On the last attempt I rolled out of bed, gingerly moving to the lounge. At my feet were a bunch of those green gel heat packs ready to warm up so I whacked on my back brace and boiled the kettle. December just gone, I’d been diagnosed with thoracic disc degeneration, a spinal curvature, debilitating pain and 50kgs obese! (“Yeah well see this MRI, it’s genetic you know?). “Na, na that’s crap!” I said (like my diet and lifestyle I siad under my breath on my first Neuro visit). Turns out I’d fractured my back years prior and, like a hero, did nothing about it so years of misalignment had gnawed away at my cartilage.

Even on 12 painkillers a day, some days I’d be housebound decompressing and battling the back spasms. So I had time to research Wellness online. ‘Cyndi O’Meara’ kept popping up and what I read just made sense. No ‘too-good-to-be-true’ diet shakes, no wild claims. I thought, why not? Let’s join Facebook and send her an invite. That morning as I was popping pills and propped up with pillows and heat packs – ‘Ding’ -“Hello Stuart, I’d love to connect with you.” And as they say, the rest is history. In Sydney the other weekend, tears overwhelmed me when Cyndi came over to me with a hug of validation and congratulations.

Like Cyndi, what resonated with me as I changed habits was that food came first. When you listen to your body, go with your gut feeling, heart and Mother Nature, ‘food be thy medicine’ and nothing tastes like healthy feels. A blessing in disguise, I took responsibility for my crook back and went off the painkillers and processed foods cold turkey. Thanks to Changing Habits there’s been no ‘cheat days’ and I’ve grown stronger, leaner, fitter, faster. I feel younger and way more grateful. I make my own chocolates and real whole food from scratch. I’m back in the surf, walking at dawn, taking weekly massages, I’ve got my libido back and yeah, even known to get all vulnerable. By changing habits, I’ve met incredible people along my journey and each day I ask: “How can I change this meal, this task and this outcome?”

I’m studying the Changing Habits Nutrition Course to be a health mentor and can’t wait to help and serve others. I’m sure they’ll allow me to say, Happy Changing Habits everyone!

Stuart Gough

Stuart’s Blog:

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