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Beef Basic BrothBy TessaTraditionally broths have been used for many years. Nothing went to waste if an animal was killed or old vegetables needed throwing out.
Bone Broth – A Nutritious DrinkBy TessaBone broths have the potential to be part of the healing process in leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome. It is not the only factor but a great contributor and they are also wonderful for when you are sick with a cold or a flu.
Pumpkin Spice SmoothieBy TessaCinnamon and nutmeg are two spices filled with medicinal properties as well as having a very high orac score on the antioxidant scale.
Cyndi’s Seasonal Green SmoothieBy TessaMy garden has been going absolutely crazy with all the rain and warmth and sun... I can't possibly eat it all before it goes to seed so I've begun drinking my salads every morning!
Homemade MiloBy TessaThis is a fabulous, healthy alternative to Milo. The texture is exactly like Milo, with a very fine crunch.  It is a much lighter brown, and has a deeper chocolate flavour so may need a little more/less than original milo usage. Can also be used to flavour custard, adding great nutritional value as well.  Sprinkle over butter on toast for a sweet treat, or add to pancake mixture, or muffin batter.  It can also be sprinkled over CADA, fruit, homemade ice-cream, especially delicious over coconut icecream, blended into a green smoothy.  It is all up to the imagination as to what you do with this wonderful homemade Milo.
Beautifully nourishing green juiceBy TessaHow do you ensure you are getting your greens in a day? Here's just one way to contribute to your intake. Nourish your body with iron, vitamin K, A and C, powerful antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and more...
Chicken and Vegetable Bone BrothBy TessaLet me explain what broth is and why it's so good for you. When you cook meat, bones, bone marrow and connective tissues in filtered water for a few hours you get broth. The flavour, nutrients and minerals from the bones migrate into the water making a wonderfully warming, nourishing and healing broth drink. Broth is packed full of minerals including a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium and sulfur. Bone broth also helps maintain and rebuild the structure of our bodies. Another nutritional benefit to drinking broth is the gelatin which is leached from the animal bones during the cooking process. Gelatin is incredibly healing for the digestive tract as broth works towards normalizing digestion and makes foods cooked in broth easier to digest. Other benefits of drinking gelatinous rich broth include strengthening hair and nails, reducing, preventing and healing cellulite and wrinkles.
KombuchaBy TessaMiracle liquid that will make your eyes shine bright and feel fantastic (like most fermented foods)!
Watermelon and mint slushyBy TessaThis is a beautifully refreshing drink, especially on a warm day. With the addition of colloidals and probiotics, it makes for a nourishing, energizing and delicious drink everyone will love.
Refreshing, cleansing, cucumber smoothieBy TessaCucumbers are one of the richest sources of the mineral silicon, along with lettuce and the Changing Habits Colloidal Minerals. Silicon is sometimes a forgotten mineral, though it is very important. It promotes luscious hair and glowing skin. It helps in opening up your pores to let out toxins and grime, is vital for cellular growth (especially for hair and removal of dead skin cells), promotes blood circulation and the formation of red blood cells.
Beet KvassBy TessaBeet Kvass is comprised of simple ingredients and is easy to make through the process of wild fermentation. The fermentation process enhances the already strong nutritional profile of raw beetroot, increasing levels of food enzymes and B vitamins (particularly folate). Beet Kvass is full of beneficial bacteria which support immunity and digestive health.
Nut MylkBy TessaAlthough nut mylks may seem time consuming and expensive, a little goes a long way. When you buy a packet of your favourite type of nuts, nothing needs to go to waste when you make a mylk from it. We use every little bit.
Plant Based MilksBy TessaThe western world has been besieged by dairy intolerances due to the quality of our milk, the health of our cows, the food and medications given to our cows and the processing done to our milk. Due to the fact that plant based milks are become popular, many companies making these milks in tetra packs may use dubious ingredients to thicken, taste and sweeten the original taste for flavour and economical reasons. I like nut milks the best, especially brazil nut milk for my chai tea’s and smoothies. But I’m very pedantic about my milks so I make my own. I then add my own taste changes by adding sea salt, dates to sweeten and vanilla beans to flavour. They are not hard, they just take a bit of time. Soak the nuts for 12 hours, discard the water and place the nuts into a strong blender with fresh vanilla powder, dates and sea salt
Creamy Cashew MilkBy TessaA super quick and healthy alternative to those who cannot tolerate dairy.
Flu Fighting JuiceBy TessaThere is a flu going around at the moment, involving a very phlegmy cough. Pineapple juice is more than perfect for this. Pineapple contains a great supply of sulphur and chlorine, which both aim to cleanse the respiratory system of mucous. Sulphur protects mucus accumulation in the respiratory and digestive system, while chlorine reduces congestion and bronchial problems. Pineapples also contain A and C, which will also aim to fight off any infections. Do your best to use a cold pressed juicer to retain all of the nutrients, as sulphur, chlorine and vitamin C are all heat sensitive. The remaining ingredients in this juice are incredible. They all have properties that will boost your health, make you feel revitalised and your skin glow.
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