Shamrock Broccoli FrittersBy Karen PassinghamAh, luck of the Irish! These little green beauties are no ordinary broccoli fritters - they're packed full of goodness and ready to rock your St. Patrick's Day celebrations! Bursting with savoury deliciousness, these crispy fritters are a perfect way to sneak some veggies into your festive feast. So whether you're Irish by birth or just Irish by spirit, let these shamrock broccoli fritters be your lucky charm this St. Paddy's Day!
Cauliflower and Quinoa Fritters with a Pear and Parmesan SaladBy TessaIf you're pushed for time and need to create a healthy meal that is super easy, super quick, tasty and nourishing then these fritters are our go to. What we love about fritters is that they not only taste great but you can change up the flavour of them so easily by adding in other herbs, lots of spices, tomato, smoked salmon etc.
Pumpkin and Herb Broth FrittersBy TessaAn easy, perfect, nourishing snack or meal to have on hand. Cook up a large batch once a week and keep them in your fridge to make life easy! They are absolutely delicious, have very little carbohydrates, are gut loving and are full of good fats so will keep you satiated.
Chicken, Sage & Zucchini FrittersBy TessaFritters can be eaten for breakfast (really yummy served with avocado and fried eggs), they make a wonderful lunch box or work lunch addition and can even be eaten as a healthy snack or for a light dinner served with a fresh salad.
Juice Pulp FrittersBy TessaDon't ever waste your juice pulp! It is way too precious. It still contains all those beautiful nutrients and fiber that is still valuable and can be of good use. Here is a quick easy recipe that can be enjoyed for breakfast, a snack, dinner and so on!
Macadamia “Cheese”By TessaLooking for a plant-based cheese to add to salads, vegetables, fritters or smashed avo on toast? Look no further! This macadamia cheese will be sure to please.
Turmeric Veggie PattiesBy TessaThese little fritters are great for dinner served with a side salad or great option to take to work for lunch or simply eaten as a healthy snack.
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