My Recipes
Raw Christmas Pud With a TwistBy NatashaSue in the Changing Habits office made these and they were a big hit. If you love Christmas pudding, you will love these mini puds. They’re simple, healthy, raw, gluten free, grain free and dairy free plus there’s no need to steam it. What a winner!
Nutty Rocky Road with Espresso Marshmallows & Turkish DelightBy NatashaNothing beats homemade rocky road especially when the marshmallows, jelly and chocolate are homemade so we know there are extra hidden nutrients and goodness included in this delectable treat compared to store brought. You could always change the ingredients and add in things you love and experiment with different flavours of jelly and marshmallow. Yum!
Cherry Berry SliceBy NatashaCherry Ripe inspired slice, another wonderful taste of summer, cherries, macadamias and coconut and of course chocolate. Yum!
Summer Mango SpliceBy NatashaSummer is almost here and mangos are finally in season yum. There is nothing yummier than combining 2 delicious tastes of summer: Mango and coconut combined with a hint of macadamias. This would have to be one of my all-time favourite combinations in an ice-cream but this recipe comes with no added refined sugars and made straight from the real thing! These are so quick and easy you can whip up a batch and enjoy them an hour later after they have set.
Turkish Delight GummiesBy NatashaThis Turkish delight not only tastes like the real thing, but it contains lots of gut loving goodness from the gelatin and loads of nutrients from the pomegranate juice.
Paleo Twix BarBy NatashaIntroducing the real food 'Twix Bar'! This tastes just like the real thing only better! No nasty ingredients in this little tasty treat.
Zucchini Cacao LoafBy NatashaThis is a great lunchbox recipe and a great way to get extra green veggies into your children if they are fussy eaters.  Delicious on its own or toasted with melted butter and honey!