Drugs not best option for ADHD!

Australian children with hyperactivity disorders shouldn’t be medicated unless their symptoms are “pervasive” and affect all aspects of life, doctors and parents have been told. And drugs should never be a first-line treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in pre-school aged children. More than 350,000 Australian children and adolescents are estimated to suffer from […]

Eat Chocolate It’s Good For You! but only the best quality.

Australian research reveals “comfort food” may reduce stress   Australian research revealed on Tuesday that “comfort food” such as chocolate can alter the chemical composition of the brain and reduce anxiety.   Professor of Pharmacology Margaret Morris from the University of New South Wales School of Medical Sciences, conducted a study of rats which showed […]

Diet could be the key to ADD and ADHD, not drugs, say parents.

WHEN Emiley Cooper was prescribed Ritalin and Concerta for her attention deficit disorder she became extremely sick. Normally a bubbly girl, Emiley retreated and became withdrawn and lethargic. So concerned by her daughter’s dramatic weight loss and reaction to the drugs, her mother Allysia started to question whether the medication was making life worse. “I […]

Experts warn antibiotic – proof bacteria threaten global health

STOCKHOLM — Resistance to antibiotics is increasing in Europe and throughout the world because of their excessive use, a deadly and costly curse according to health experts meeting in Stockholm Wednesday. Experts at the 2nd annual European antibiotics awareness day held by the Stockholm-based European Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control (ECDC) said new, hyper-resistant […]

Folic acid supplements carry cancer risk, yet they put it in our bread.

Folic acid supplements could increase the risk of cancer, particularly lung cancer, researchers have found. However, folic acid has proven benefits for pregnant women, as it cuts the risk of babies being born with major deformities of the brain and spine. The doses of folic acid linked to cancer are higher, and were taken for […]

Even more evidence that folic acid should not be in our bread. Take it out FSANZ!!

More supermarket chains are needed to increase competition against Australia’s two big food retailers, Coles and Woolworths, to reduce food prices, federal Competition Minister Craig Emerson says.   Speaking after the publication of new figures showing that Australia has the fastest rising food prices of any major developed nation, Dr Emerson also said the Rudd […]

More evidence that folic acid should not be in our bread. Take it out FSANZ!!

Ultrasound image of a foetus: the study identified increased risk at 30-34 weeks. Photograph: Thilo Mueller/Corbis Babies born to women who have taken folic acid supplements during their pregnancy are up to 30% more likely than other children to develop asthma, researchers have found. Mothers-to-be who take folic acid when they are between 30 and […]

Packaged breakfast cereals should be avoided at all costs.

The fraudulent “Smart Choices” food labeling gimmick that sought to push sugary cereals as “healthy foods” is crumbling amid the pullout of Kellogg,Unilever and PepsiCo. These companies have been distancing themselves from the fraudulent labeling scam ever since the FDA announced the labeling might be “misleading” and said it intended to investigate. Kraft Foods, on […]

High fructose corn syrup and the dangers!

Snack and soft drink sweetener putting millions at risk of high blood pressure By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 1:52 PM on 30th October 2009 A sugary ingredient in processed snacks and soft drinks is putting millions at risk of high blood pressure, new research has revealed.High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is abundant in […]

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