Maternal Autoantibodies have link in Autism

A study just released in a Translational Psychology has found evidence that a mothers autoantibodies that interfere with fetal brain proteins during pregnancy may be responsible for around 25% of cases of autism ASD     The article is worth reading, I’ve copied it at pasted it at the bottom of this blog as well […]

Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla!

Vanilla is one of those items which, although you don’t really think about being an essential everyday item, lends itself to a large variety of uses. I didn’t exactly seek out the Vanilla pod for its nutritional qualities in the beginning, I just wanted it for myself so I could make my own Vanilla essence […]

Buying a Car, what does that have to do with health?

As a mother of three small children my car purchases were all about safety, reliability and size – I needed one that could not only hold the children but all the prams and gear I seemed to carry where ever I went.  Now I’m an empty nester I still have the same needs in a […]

9 Winter Habits To Help Keep Your Immune System Strong

Once again it’s flu season and once again the flu shot is being touted as your defense against the flu.  I’m not even going to get into whether the flu shot works or not but what I’d like to make you aware of is the additives in a flu shot.  I for one don’t feed […]

Inca Inchi Oil.

We are so excited to launch Inca Inchi Oil. I know it has been a much anticipated product and one that has taken us a while to have available. Like all my products, it is through the constant research of finding nutrient dense foods that lead me to this wonderful source of oil. This article […]

Do you know how Canola Oil is Made?

One of the first things that Changing Habits will tell you to do, is to stop consuming vegetable oils. We all might know that they are highly processed, though we don’t actually know why. Vegetable oils, like corn, canola, soy and sunflower (which are used in ‘vegetable’ oils),  are alien to human physiology and toxic […]

Surviving the X-Mas Cocktail Party.

Christmas is a hard time of year to stick to any eating regime, but the changing habits lifestyle is a great one to stick to around this time of year due to the  fact I do have a cheating chapter in my book, but also when you feel good and have been feeling great all […]

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