Creating your own Home Base.

A softball and baseball player knows that when they get to home base, they are safe.  My house on the Sunshine Coast is my home base.  I find my home the best place for me to go and rejuvenate after a day at work, a weekend speaking or time travelling.  It’s a place I feel […]

10 Ways to Reduce Chemical Load Through Food

1. Eat foods that have no additives, preservatives, flavourings or numbers. 2. Read the ingredients on your labels of everything – e.g. milk may have MPC or calcium carbonate. 3 Avoid eating boxed breakfast cereals (no exceptions). 4. Hydrogenated, interesterified and fractionated vegetable oils – know what they are and how to identify them – […]

Fats – How to choose the best ones.

Fat was never a dirty word, before the 1960’s, lard or dripping on bread was a favourite, bacon and eggs were a traditional breakfast and the fat on the meat was a treat.  Yet today many people have a fat phobia, making sure that it is not in the diet, hunting through the many packaged […]

Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla!

Vanilla is one of those items which, although you don’t really think about being an essential everyday item, lends itself to a large variety of uses. I didn’t exactly seek out the Vanilla pod for its nutritional qualities in the beginning, I just wanted it for myself so I could make my own Vanilla essence […]

Buying a Car, what does that have to do with health?

As a mother of three small children my car purchases were all about safety, reliability and size – I needed one that could not only hold the children but all the prams and gear I seemed to carry where ever I went.  Now I’m an empty nester I still have the same needs in a […]

Inca Inchi Oil.

We are so excited to launch Inca Inchi Oil. I know it has been a much anticipated product and one that has taken us a while to have available. Like all my products, it is through the constant research of finding nutrient dense foods that lead me to this wonderful source of oil. This article […]

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