Another good reason not to drink fizzy drinks.

Waiter, there’s a frog in my Pepsi!: USA A Florida man who cracked open an ice cold can of Pepsi found dismembered remains of a frog, the US Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday. “It has been verified, and it was indeed a frog,” Charles Watson, a spokesman at the US food inspection authority, […]

NSW Government aiming to ban high-caffeine energy drinks.

Energy drinks with dangerously high levels of caffeine are being sold to children because of a loophole in Australian law, the NSW government says. Five Year 7 students from Quakers Hill, in Sydney’s west, reportedly suffered side effects including dizziness and nausea after consuming the drinks on their way to school on Wednesday. Primary Industries […]

Green light for raw cheese products: NZ

New Zealand’s cheesemakers will be able to use a range of raw and unpasteurised milk products in their manufacturing processes under new standards being introduced next month. Potential health issues have prevented that in the past, and only a small range of raw milk cheeses can currently be imported, while none can be made in […]

Do Low Fat Food Make You Fat?

My father always says; “I like that man he thinks like I do”.  That’s how I feel about Dr Kerin O’Dea and all her amazing research on food. Cyndi O’Meara A free public lecture at UniSA this week will investigate whether the low fat food market is one of the drivers of the obesity epidemic. […]

Food Labelling Laws are a Joke!

South Australian Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says that weak food labelling laws are costing Australian farmers their jobs.  A bill needs to be presented to the Senate which would eliminate loopholes that currently allow foreign produce to be labelled as ‘Made in Australia’.   Senator Xenophon says under current law, manufacturers can label their product […]

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