Fish oil supplements beat psychotic mental illness – Why take a supplement make sure you eat plenty of food with the rich sources of omega 3.

Taking a daily fish oil capsule can stave off mental illness in those at highest risk, trial findings suggest. A three-month course of the supplement appeared to be as effective as drugs, cutting the rate of psychotic illness like schizophrenia by a quarter.   The researchers believe it is the omega-3 in fish oil – […]

Study links thyroid disease to non-stick chemicals

A British study published in the journalEnvironmental Health Perspectives has found that people with high levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in their blood also have higher rates of thyroid disease. PFOA is a chemical used in the production of many industrial and consumer products including non-stick cookware, stain-resistant carpet coatings, and fabric waterproofing treatments.  This […]

Medical Doctors are Changing

I’ve just been to Woodford Folk Festival 2009.  It is a fabulous festival, filled with music, arts, entertainment, comedy and my favourite; the collection of minds on matters such as health, environment, permaculture etc.  It is a melting pot of intellect that I just soak up.  I only had a day at Woodford Folk Festival […]

Cereal is the WORST breakfast food.

How latte lifestyle is making us lardy   THINK that order of eggs and orange juice you’re probably enjoying right now at your local cafe is a healthy choice?   Think again.   Experts warn that those who ditch the classic wheat cereal and milk in favour of a restaurant breakfast could be consuming the […]

Lets get back to basics.

As a society we have become obsessed with how we look – it’s all about what we weigh and our quest to be slim. But what about our health? Is our low fat, no fat, no sugar, processed way of eating act ually good for us or are we doing our bodies more harm than […]

Think before you next take antibiotics. $300 million wasted on the needless intake of Antibiotics in Oz.

Needlessly treating bacterial infections and viruses with antibiotics costs $300 million a year nationally that could be better spent, says a report. Inappropriate treatment also has a significant impact on morbidity, mortality and treatment costs, according to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. The commission said the use of “antimicrobials” appeared […]

Real Vs. Fake Flavourings

Compounds present in popular spices pepper and turmeric could treat breast cancer by limiting the growth of stem cells that cause a tumor to grow, according to new US research. Turmeric and pepper have been widely explored as potential cancer treatments but a new study suggests for the first time that they could prevent cancer […]

BPA and Intestinal problems now linked

Plastics component affects intestine: study PARIS — The chemical Bisphenol A used in plastic containers and drinks cans has been shown for the first time to affect the functioning of the intestines, according to a French study published Monday. National Institute of Agronomic Research researchers in Toulouse found the digestive tract of rats react negatively […]

The down side to the Cervical Cancer Vaccine

THE cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil has triggered multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms in some girls after being inoculated.   Doctors said the victims were either teenagers or women in their early 20s who may have been predisposed to MS or who had a prior history of symptoms.   St Vincent’s Hospital neurologist Dr Ian Sutton reported […]

Schools teaching and growing their own food.

Schools are teaching children to grow and cook healthy food in hopes of stopping the spread of Australia’s obesity plague. Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon on Wednesday opened a kitchen garden at Bondi Public School in Sydney’s east, as part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. The $12.8 million program will be extended to […]

Eating Sustainable Healthy Wild Caught Fish in WA

There are a number of great things about eating fish caught in WA, besides the simple fact that marine oils are good for you. One of these is that growing up in our unpolluted environment they arrive on your plate with an implicit organic rating, having grown up feeding itself on nature’s finest and purest […]

ADD and ADHD Drug Treatment.

In July of 2008, the Royal Australian College of Physician (RACP) sent out a report for public comment about the treatment of ADD and ADHD.  This report said that the drugs Ritalin and Dexamphetamine were the first treatment of choice for ADD and ADHD and that nutritional supplementation, diet changes, chiropractic care and homeopathy had […]

Reducing Chemical Calories.

In 2003 I was named Sunshine Coast Small Business Woman of the Year and in the same year Chis Cameron the CEO of Rockcote was crowned Corporate Business Woman of the Year.  We became very good friends and Chris introduced me to her work which was making eco friendly paint, not only safe for the […]

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