New Bid For Food Options.

CYNDI O’Meara has helped thousands of Australians change their eating habits through her inspirational books and regular spots on shows such as 9AM, Today Tonight and Fresh.   Now she is tackling the nation’s hospitality industry to change its attitude to food.   The Sunshine Coast nutritionist is an advocate of using natural and organic […]

Study questions the benefit of organic foods…sometimes studies just miss the point!

This 60 minute investigation on the chemicals sprayed on our fruits, nuts and vegetables is alarming and worth watching.  Make up your own mind about whether organic food is worth it.  Further to the 60 minute video I’d like you to read this from Dr William Campbell Douglas – I always love his commentary!   Sometimes […]

Growers defend chemicals use.

I find this comment supporting the use of endosulfan and carbendazim by Growcorn and Australian Macadamia Growers an absolute insult to our intelligence. They say that producers operate within government guidelines and respect the regulatory framework for chemicals.  Endosulfan has been banned in more then 60 countries and a report October 2008 showed both chemicals […]

Maple Syrup A Disease Fighter

Thirteen of more than 20 compounds in Canadian maple syrup linked to human health have been discovered for the first time.   The findings were made by University of Rhode Island researcher Dr Navindra Seeram, assistant professor of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences in URI’s College of Pharmacy.   “We already know the maple tree has […]

Sweet Future for Sugar Sales

Sugar consumption is on the rise in developed countries.  Now I wouldn’t have a problem with this consumption increase if the sugar were rapadura or sucanat, but what is disturbing is consumers tend to prefer the alternative sweeteners that are perceived healthier such as corn syrup containing high-fructose and other alternative sweeteners that are available […]

Cereal is now demonising salt

Reducing the salt in cereals and breads and other foods means that other flavour enhancers will have to be used.  Its not the salt that is the problem in cereal and bread it is all the other ingredients as well as the processing that makes them a health hazard.  Eat sea salt (Himalayan) with dulse […]

Tailored diet may slow down DNA damage.

At last the RDI’s are under scrutiny as to be more about optimum nutrition then just prevention of disease. Mounting evidence on the effect of micronutrients on DNA damage calls for a re-evaluation of recommended dietary intake values, say researchers.   Professor Michael Fenech of CSIRO’s Food and Nutritional Sciences Division in Adelaide lays out […]

Child allergy rates at ‘epidemic proportions’

Childhood allergy rates have hit “epidemic proportions” in Australia, prompting health experts to broaden their efforts to combat the mysterious condition. Canberra-based allergy expert Dr Ray Mullins said 15,000 Australian children born this year would develop a potentially fatal food allergy before they reached school age. Food allergies – particularly allergies to peanuts and tree […]

Tasty fat find could help beat the bulge.

I’m sure one day people who make these statements will say “What were we thinking?”   Cyndi O’Meara    Researchers have found a new taste sense – fat – and say the discovery could lead to the production of foods that fool the body into thinking it has had its fatty fill.   Until now […]

School Food Mistakes.

The government influences what food’s are put in school tuckshops with little thought about the effects that these choices have on our children. Natural, home made foods are no where to be seen, only additives, preservatives and flavourings! I was speaking at a school in Aberdeen last week, I spoke to years 10, 11 and 12.  Before I started speaking […]

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) recall leaves food consumers wondering: What is this stuff?

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) is one of most common soy-based food “fillers” used to make literally thousands of processed food products. It’s found in veggie burgers, gravy mixes, soups and many other grocery products. Last Thursday, one of the largest producers of HVP in the United States, Las Vegas-based Basic Food Flavors Inc., was the […]

Arthritis drug Vioxx doubled heart attack risk

Vioxx a drug for arthritis, was withdrawn from sale in 2004.  Next week is Arthritis week, if you are taking drugs for your arthritis perhaps you need to know the side affects and consult your doctor for lifestyle changes.  Also read my report on Arthritis Cyndi O’Meara   The Federal Court has ruled that […]

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