Bacon from where?

tsk tsk!!!  Shame on food producers who do this! Australia’s largest producer of small goods has been slapped with a record fine for labelling 100 tonnes of bacon from overseas as “Product of Australia”. Primo SmallGoods meat processing plant in Chullora, in Sydney’s west, is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Its […]

Saturated Fat Intake Not Linked With Heart Diseases

Yahoo!!  At last a study that proves that saturated fats do not cause heart disease.  I’ve always said butter is better!   Saturated Fat Intake Not Linked With Heart Diseases   Researchers have found that there is no clear link between intake of saturated fat and the subsequent risk of being more prone to heart […]

Organic Wines Can Be Beneficial

The benefits of drinking wine in moderation are well known, from lowering the risk of heart disease to preventing cancer, but did you know it’s the way the wine is produced that makes all the difference to our health? Think green! That’s right; the new buzz word on the lips of wine aficionados is “organic”. […]

Don’t Just Read Food Ingredients, Start Reading Your Medication Ingredients

Don’t Just Read Food Ingredients, Start Reading Your Medication Ingredients

Don’t just read food ingredients, start reading your medication ingredients for additives, preservatives, colours, flavourings and artificial sweeteners. Only 50% of the Australian population read food labels, that’s not good. But what is scary is that we don’t even know what the statistics are for people who read medication ingredient labels. I asked around and […]

Avoid Cancer with Organic Lifestyle

We all know that an organic lifestyle is far healthier, then why don’t we do it?  Here is some more evidence in case you still are not convinced. Avoid cancer with organic lifestyle by OnFood on May 26, 2010 Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) says it has evidence that eating organic is the best way […]

Palm Oil is Vegetable Oil.

On the contrary Ms Kate Carnell, food labels should allow us to choose environmental and animal rights, such as organic vs chemically grown foods, palm oil vs macadamia oil, vegan vs meat eater.    These not only affect our health but also the health of other species that live on the planet and the environment.  […]

Drugs, drugs and more drugs!

Are we, or rather, are YOU, a pill popper? Over the Easter break there were several news stories about the fact that we are a nation of pill poppers.  The Weekend Australian magazine front story was on the deception of medication.  So I thought this month it would be good to talk about one type […]

Allergies Increase 10 Fold in 10 Years

Allergies have increased in the population 10 fold in 10 years.  I’ve just written a report on allergies which should be available on my website in the next few days.  It will be a free report, so watch out for it. Peanut allergies in children more than tripled from 1997 to 2008 according to a […]

Community Gardens

I love to see articles like this.  Oh to have a community vege garden on the huge round about in my street.  Not only would it be a place to meet the neighbours but to have a bountiful healthy vege patch. It is a community garden in Marrickville modestly nicknamed the Vegie Patch, but it […]

No single cause for mass honey bee deaths.

It is so blatantly clear that the food you eat affects the environment.  You can change the impact on the environment and put a check on climate change just by choosing foods from nature grown without harmful sprays.   Cyndi O’Meara    The huge die-off of bees worldwide, a major threat to crops depending on […]

Tests find pesticides in muesli.

This article is worth reading.  Organic oats cooked as porridge with some nuts, organic yogurt and maple syrup and fresh banana may be a breakfast with less pesticides.  Don’t get paranoid just become informed and make your decisions.   Cyndi O’Meara   The latest results from the New Zealand Food Safety Authority’s Total Diet Survey […]

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