Simply Raw Documentary

Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days is an independent documentary film that chronicles six Americans with ‘incurable’ diabetes who try the natural approach. Learn from this inspiring documentary in which 6 people reverse diabetes naturally in just 30 days using nutrition alone. “Not only is type 2 diabetes completely preventable, but it is virtually curable for […]

Energy Drinks – Risk for Kids

PRIMARY school children are risking serious heart damage by sculling caffeine-packed energy drinks for breakfast, doctors warn. The following is an article from the Sunday Mail. It is talking about the health affects these drinks have on not only children’s health but adult health as well. After the article I have copied and pasted a […]

Fast-food chains’ healthy options are not so healthy

The headline is a no brainer, as if we ever really thought that they were healthy.  But what really astounds me is that the so called “authorities” are still harping on about the fat salt and sugar content.  What about the additives, presevatives, flavourings, colours and fake foods, surely we need to look at them […]

Black Rice- Is it a Superfood?

With this wonderful information about black rice what is stopping you from adding 3 TBS of black rice to your next rice dish.   Black rice – revered in ancient China but overlooked in the West – could be one of the greatest “superfoods”, scientists say. The cereal is low in sugar but packed with […]

Australia’s oldest person turns 111

How wonderful is this story about making 111 years of age.   She has experienced three different centuries, outlived her husband, two sons, three brothers and five sisters and was born before Australia had chosen its first prime minister.   Australia’s oldest citizen and the 49th-oldest person in the world, Miriam Schmierer, is celebrating her […]

Plastic is not so fantastic!

Not only is the food important that we consume but so are the containers, we cook, store, buy and consume our food in. I devote a whole chapter about pots, pans and packaging in my book Changing Habits Changing Lives and have been talking about this topic for 15 years. When I first wrote on […]

Emma and Tom’s Health Bars.

Emma and Tom’s is a new health bar that I discovered not that long ago, made in Melbourne, Australia.  I e-mailed the company and asked if they could send me some samples with of course the ingredient list.  Not only was the ingredient list great but they taste good too.  There are a variety of […]

Calcium pills increase heart attack risks.

I have always been wary about supplements that are not from a food source and have been made as a stand alone vitamin or mineral.  And here now is yet more evidence that single dose vitamins or minerals are not the solution and have the potential to increase dis-ease.  Calcium supplementation is given for the […]

Junk food link to ADHD in children

Perth researchers have linked attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder with “western-style” diets in teenage sufferers.  Hello since when is this new information!!!! Perth researchers have linked attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder with “western-style” diets in teenage sufferers.   The Telethon Institute for Child Health and Research study examined the diets of 1800 adolescents, categorising them as either eating a […]

Beer Goggles.

There is knowledge of beer being produced and drunk as far back as 5000 years ago and with production now being worth world wide $294.5 billion it is not going away. So I thought I’d do some investigation into the ancient art of beer making. Once upon a time beer was made with 3 ingredients […]

The Power of your Food Choices

I was reading a business website when I first read about The Law of Precession. I had been directed to learn more about this law by my business coach. It stated that when an object is moving towards another body (because of gravity or because it is simply attracted to it), then always at a […]

Consumers confused about chicken.

Will this Steggles public education about chickens address the crowded conditions of the chickens, the use of antibiotics, GM feed for the chickens and processes and chemicals used after the killing of the chicken? I think not! Australian poultry brand Steggles has revealed that more than three quarters of Australians mistakenly believe chicken produced locally […]

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