Lime and Rosemary Whole Baked FishBy TessaI love baking fresh fish whole, not only is it so incredibly simple, quick and easy to do but I can also re-use the head and bones of the fish to make a beautiful and nourishing fish broth or stock.
Lemon & Ginger JellyBy TessaA simple, quick and nourishing snack you can enjoy anytime! Gelatin has many benefits. It promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, prevents cellulite and wrinkles, aids the body's liver detoxification, digestion and gut health, adrenals, hormone balance, wound repair and also helps to decrease inflammation + much more!
Apple & Passionfruit JellyBy TessaJelly is so simple, easy and nourishing and you can even make it in under 5 minutes. You can add any seasonal fruits you love, get creative as there are no rules with jelly 😉
2 Ingredient Berry Instant Ice-CreamBy TessaI love making this dessert when berries are in season. It's beautiful, refreshing and very quick to whip up in only a matter of minutes.
Immune Boosting TeaBy TessaNow that its winter, it's time to get creative with using beautiful varieties of immune boosting ingredients by adding them to tea. I often leave these ingredients in a tea pot overnight and have 'cold brewed' teas and sip them throughout the day. They are just as delicious warm too.
Passionfruit & Lime CheesecakeBy TessaDairy free, gluten free, grain free - though not nut free! Everyone seems to love this cake. It is the most perfect sweetness, leaving you feel light, nourished and refreshed.
Braised Chicken with DatesBy TessaThis is a great recipe for gut healing as it is filled with nourishing bone broth, herbs and spices! Enjoy it with roast vegetables or cauliflower rice for a delicious winter warmer.
Beef Date TagineBy TessaThis is an easy throw together winter warmer that is excellent for aiding weight loss. Cauli-couscous is a great low-carbohydrate alternative that is full of fibre, helping to keep your fuller for longer and balance blood sugar levels.
Raw Coconut YoghurtBy TessaThis is a fantastic dairy free alternative for those who love their yoghurt! Great for GUT health
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