Carrot KrautBy TessaThis wonderful condiment will stimulate your digestive juices, help you break down your food, will provide you with an array of probiotics and aid detoxification
Easy & Divine Roast ChickenBy TessaThe easiest and most delicious roast chicken. Perfect with a bunch of steamed or fresh greens, roasted vegetables and generous amounts of home-made gravy!
Turmeric PasteBy TessaThe quality fat and pepper in this recipe ensures that the turmeric is properly absorbed by the body!
Emmer Wheat Pizza BaseBy TessaA healthier alternative to homemade pizza base. Light and crispy with a slightly nutty flavour. Great with any of your favourite pizza toppings.
Bircher Muesli with a TwistBy TessaMost birchers found in cafes are loaded with unnecessary sugars! This is a quick and easy recipe, perfect for busy people on the go. You can make a big batch and refrigerate for a few days
French ToastBy TessaThis is a great high protein breakfast to make when the bread is a little stale. It can be served sweet or savoury.
Date SliceBy TessaMade with our beautiful organic dates. This is a great snack, dessert or lunchbox idea. Serve for dessert with cream, homemade ice-cream or custard!
Hummingbird MuffinsBy TessaInspired by the traditional tropical tasting recipe we are all familiar with, but these are made Changing Habits style!
Homemade Baked BeansBy TessaIf your family love baked beans, why not try making your own healthy version that they will love as well!
Cheesy Chicken BallsBy TessaThese are great for kids lunch boxes, snacks or a great plate to take to a dinner party/BBQ. Make a double batch and freeze them as they will sure disappear quickly! I'm sure you will find them a hit with everybody. Can be served on their own as snacks or kids lunch boxes, with a side or as an appetizer. They go great with homemade sweet chilli sauce or Homemade Tomato Sauce.
Chocolate Macadamia Ginger FudgeBy TessaThis is a simple and easy recipe you can make in under 5 minutes. It contains many beautiful whole ingredients, one of which is ginger. Ginger contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is also an anti-spasmodic, prevents nausea, improves circulation and is wonderful for the female reproductive system.
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