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Salted Macadamia SliceBy TessaWhat better combination than chocolate and macadamia? Creamy in texture, this slice will no doubt become a favourite! Adjust the amount of honey to suit your individual taste.
Double Choc Ice CreamBy TessaStore-bought ice cream can often contain artificial flavourings, manufactured thickeners and sweeteners plus other added nasties, so why not swap it for this delicious real food recipe? It only contains four ingredients too!
Cacao Ganache CupcakesBy TessaThese Cupcakes are so decadent it's hard to believe that they are made from healthy ingredients. They will be a winner at any birthday party or special event!
Gluten-Free Double Choc CookiesBy TessaNut free, gluten free and dairy free, these cookies will be a winner for just about anybody. A great inclusion for the school lunch box to beat those mid-morning/afternoon munchies!
Raw Carrot Cake SliceBy TessaA raw version of an old classic. A delicious carrot cake base with a creamy cashew icing layer - a perfect summertime snack!
Rocky RoadBy TessaA healthy version of an old classic. It's hard to stop at just one piece!
Christmas ChocolatesBy TessaA great gift idea or something delicious to take along to a Christmas gathering. So simple to make, even the kids can easily whip these up!
Inca Inchi Protein BarsBy TessaA healthy alternative to your average protein bar, which are generally full of questionable ingredients. These plant-based protein bars are sure to impress!
Tiramisu SliceBy TessaA healthy recreation of an old favourite. A beautiful combination of coffee, chocolate and cream...this one is sure to please!
Pumpkin BrowniesBy Tessa A beautifully textured brownie that includes a hidden vegetable - nobody will pick up on it unless you tell them!
Chocolate TartBy TessaA beautiful chocolate tart, that is so silky smooth in texture. Perfect for chocolate lovers out there!
Raw Pistachio SliceBy TessaA great recipe for pistachio lovers! A beautiful, bite-sized treat.
Jaffa SliceBy TessaThe perfect balance of chocolate and orange. Made with beautiful, all natural ingredients.
Coconut RoughBy TessaA healthy version of an old favourite, which can be whipped up in no time!
Marshmallow SliceBy TessaThis is definitely a crowd pleaser...perfect for parties for all ages and occasions!
White Chocolate Mud CakeBy TessaThis White Chocolate Mud Cake will be an absolute favourite with the whole family! A delicious, healthy version of a classic that will impress at any gathering or special occasion.
Peanut Butter BallsBy TessaA healthy snack that truly satisfies, these Peanut Butter Balls are great for any mid-afternoon slumps!