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Real Fruit GummiesBy TessaYummy, gut-loving gummies made with our organic Gelatin - so easy and fun to make! You can adjust the amount of sugar depending on your taste.
Probiotic Greek Style YoghurtBy TessaOur new probiotic blend is ideal for creating beautiful thick yoghurts, including this greek-style yoghurt. Suitable for those who can tolerate dairy. Top with your favourite fruit, or even a touch of maple syrup for sweetness.
Probiotic Coconut YoghurtBy TessaWant an easy and yummy way to sneak more of our Changing Habits Probiotics into you and your kid's diet? Then this recipe is a must to try. Serve yoghurt with muesli, fresh seasonal fruits, and wherever you can use yoghurt.
Fermented Probiotic Drink with whole fruitBy TessaConsuming fermented foods is an easy way to ensure you're getting the most nutritional value from your whole foods as it enhances all of their beneficial properties and also increases the nutrient value!
Broccoli Crust PizzaBy TessaThis broccoli crust is a great gluten-free alternative to a regular pizza base with the added bonus of being made from beautiful nutritious ingredients! Add extra like leftover roast vegetables and/or meat to create your favourite toppings!
Gingersnap CookiesBy TessaCrunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, these Gingersnap Cookies make the perfect sweet treat!
Apple and Coconut MuffinsBy TessaThese muffins make the perfect on-the-go breakfast, lunch box snack, or they are simply delicious served warm with butter right out of the oven!
Air fryer popcorn chicken with a ranch dipping sauceBy TessaPopcorn chicken with a dairy-free ranch dipping sauce - a perfect snack for the whole family! To reduce the preparation time, cut the chicken into strips instead of small pieces. No air fryer? Not a problem, just cook on a tray lined with baking paper in the oven at 200 degrees celsius and cook for 15 minutes or until crispy.
Hormone-Loving Chocolate BallsBy TessaThere is a reason why you crave chocolate around your period, because our hormones are asking for it. The vitamin and mineral make-up of cacao and pumpkin seeds create a perfect snack for any time we feel like we need some balancing. Mostly due to the magnesium, iron, manganese and calcium content; these cacao and pumpkin seed protein balls, with the powerful addition of both pre and probiotics, make the perfect hormone balancing snack!
Sushi BurgersBy TessaImpress at the next dinner party or picnic with these Sushi Burgers. Feel free to mix up the filling and swap the salmon for chicken or tuna!
Emmer Wheat Banana BreadBy TessaThis banana bread is great for lunch boxes for both children and adults! Delicious, enjoy! Feel free to mix it up and add sultanas, chopped dates or choc chips!
Frozen Coconut Yoghurt SliceBy TessaA great little nutritious plant based snack. Store in the refrigerator and remove 5 minutes before consuming.
Dehydrated Banana and MangoBy TessaCraving something sweet? Avoid refined sugar snacks by opting for these dehydrated bananas and mangos!
Beef JerkyBy TessaA delicious snack rich in protein and healthy fats and surprisingly easy to make!
Bulletproof Mocha gummiesBy TessaThese are great small portable bites of energy and nourishment! The gelatin contains two amino acids called glycine and lysine which help support the liver to efficiently remove toxins from the body and helps to absorb calcium and build muscle. These little bites also contains quality fats which help you to feel fuller for longer and keep you feeling satisfied. And the coffee also provides you with a pick me up.
Breakfast CookiesBy TessaA great on-the-go breakfast cookie packed full of nutritious, satisfying ingredients.
Cucumber RollsBy TessaThese cucumber wraps are the perfect light snack or starter for these warmer months of the year!
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